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Guess that may be the nicest thing about Intercession City. Since there is no actual mail delivery in our town, that pretty much can’t happen.

Golden lining for everything, huh? :upside_down_face:


No mail delivery? How does that work out?

It definitely is. The monitor and TV world, even on the budget end of it, are all hyped up on pushing high resolutions, high refresh rates, and HDR, but basically none of that is in the VR headsets, like they’ve put ~2014-era display technology in a 2018 product.

I could really see the appeal of VR for something like a driving game, as the alternative is to get a bunch of monitors and set them up (and build a PC that can power them all). If I recall, this was even possible with consoles too, if you had multiple xbox 360s with extra copies of the game.


Maybe I didn’t word that properly.

Our town doesn’t have physical address delivery.

Intercession City only has a Post Office, and that’s it. Every household has a free P.O. box.

Of course you have to provide proof of residence in Intercession City to qualify. Without proof, its $60 a year!


A few of the little towns around here are like that . They have been slowly changing things to give people mail boxes though . I believe to eliminate the amount of post offices . I’ll put it this way . Where I am there is like 5 or 6 post offices in a few miles drive . A few of the places are so small it’s basically a half hour route by foot . The post office where I am is for two towns which share the same zip . Which causes some issues in some systems . For example ID was a pain when I went to pick up .22 survival rifle a while back . Had to retake the federal test you have to take because in thier system it’s listed as the same town even though my ID only has the one .


Does that cause any issues with getting things mailed? When I got to the UPS store, I see their ads hyping that everyone will deliver to a UPS box as it has an actual address.

With the only PO box I’m familiar with (obtained by relatives b/c of snooping neighbors), everything ordered to it has been shipped without issue, though it was always fun when the item was too big for the box and so they’d put a note and a key in the box, which directed us to a much bigger box that they’d stashed our package in.

It seems a bit screwy that they’ll put you through the third degree to pick up a .22 firearm when Walmart has .22 air rifles just sitting out on the shelves?


For UPS and FedEx packages, Intercession City doesn’t exist.

For some reason the Post Office itself does register, although as part of Davenport FL. So, we have to have our packages shipped to the physical address of the Post Office, with our P.O. box # as an apartment unit. :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

On a side note, we don’t have those bigger “key boxes” either. If I’m not there between either 10-12 or 2-3:55, I won’t get my package till the next day they are open at the earliest. :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

It’s fun. Trust me :joy::skull:


My RightStuf Cyber Monday order has already been processed and is now waiting for USPS pickup.

I don’t know how I should feel about this, cause the Sentai Early Black Friday transactions I made on November 20th are still on standby…

Yes I am aware of all of the orders placed on the Sentai Store before I was able to place mine, and that RightStuf prioritises their own orders over the Sentai subcontracted ones, but I placed it less than 24 hours ago.

Kinda would have felt better about this if it didn’t ship for a little while longer…


I’ve ordered two things from the Rightstuf sales and they’ve been saying high volume will cause delays ,but both shipped with in 2 days . Two of my Sentai sale orders did ship . Well one was partial ,but what did should be here Friday . The other orders made later in the sale are sitting . I have a feeling if I order another item from Rightstuf it’ll leave by the end of the week . I feel they should work on those Sentai orders as I’m seeing a 4594 difference between my first order on the 16th and last order on the 20th . Which if my math from last time is right is around 45,000 items ordered between my first and last orders . That’s taking in to account 9 to 10 items per order .

Weird thing about both of my Sentai orders is they both got shipped on Saturdays when as far as I know Rightstuf is closed . So maybe ,but hopefully not Rightstuf is only doing Sentai orders on Saturdays right now . I’m curious to see how long it takes for my last order to ship out . I know Rightstuf has stock of everything I ordered ,but I’m guessing Sentai has thier own stock part of the warehouse there .

Edit: What did not ship from the second order was already on backorder when I ordered .

I’m a little twitchy about the local post office everything ends up at once it leaves Rightstuf so I’m thinking a bit to much here probably.


More delivery woes. I bought a case for my wife’s new Kindle Paperwhite, as well as 5 other items, over the weekend. They were all initially set to arrive today Tuesday 11/27.

Yesterday morning I get update emails from Amazon saying that my packages would arrive Monday 11/26 by 9PM. Then about 8PM yesterday I get another update that their was an issue and the packages might arrive on 11/27 or 11/28.

Then this morning, Tuesday 11/27, I get notices that the packages are out for delivery by Amazon Courier. The tracking map shows the courier running a route in Winter Springs, which is on the North Side of Orlando and, as @MaouSadao can tell you, is quite a distance from where I am in Kissimmee just south of OIA.

At 9AM the courier appears to have realized that this package’s destination was no where near where they were delivering so it has now gone back to the delayed to 11/27 or 11/28 notice again.

Edit : So the Kindle case was just delivered by an Amazon courier. The other two boxes & five items are wandering around north Orlando.

Mark Gosdin


In other different, but similar news…

My Roy Mustang Funko Pop figure has been delayed from December 9 until December 26. :frowning_face:


Been having a lot of Amazon delays as of late . A few were at the manufacturer level , Storm related and Amazon themselves ,but most have been at the courier level issues as of late . Like there is a hub for all three couriers if it gets shipped to takes a extra day . Most of my boxes have been going through there .

Now Walmart and Target it’s been they cancel a order and it shows up anyway . Which means me having to call and get told drop it at the store .


On the subject of Sentai Black Friday sale . Order 3 from the 18th has now shipped ,but not in full . Outbreak Company Blu-ray now has a backorder date ETA: 12/17/2018 . Two more orders and now 4 backordered items to go . One of those orders is a very small 3 item under $25 order as I was not planning on ordering what is part of the 5th so it should get priority .


I wonder how they train these people.

Just watched the FedEx guy deliver packages to 2 of my neighbors who live right next to each other.

Pulled up to the first house, turned off the engine (I know this because it was really loud, and that’s what caused me to look), went in the back of the truck, got out and delivered the package.

Got back in the truck, started the engine, pulled up to the VERY NEXT HOUSE, turned off the engine, went in the back of the truck, got out and delivered the package.

Seriously, he couldn’t park between their houses and deliver to them both with the same stop? How much gas did he waste shutting off and starting his engine?

And don’t even get me started on WHERE he put the packages. Well, ok, you talked me into it…

RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR DOORS, even though both of these houses have pillars on their front patios that he could have used as a shield to block seeing the packages from the street. OH, AND he also didn’t ring the doorbell or knock on the door.



Haha yeah that’s a :man_facepalming: moment alright.

Our FedEx people never do that.


With all the stuff in the news about people stealing packages, they either need to hide the packages or ring the doorbell.

They are just as much to blame as the thieves, leaving things in plain sight like that. I can still see my neighbor’s packages in front of his door, there are 6 of them all stacked up.


I totally agree. We live in the woods so we don’t really need to worry about that. Still, like you brought out, you can’t help but get nervous when you get home from a day out and see packages just sitting there for who knows how long.


Just got this message from Sentai in my email, and it made me chuckle:

A lot of people took advantage of the sale?

Noooo. Really?


Also, that pretty much debunks the Saturday processing theory…

In all seriousness, I don’t mind waiting. Saved about $300 off Sentai’s usual prices, so really happy even with the wait :grin:


Well the wandering package(s) from Amazon went back to their Orlando Dist. Center ( Only about 4 Miles from our house. ) they showed arriving at 5:33 PM. At 5:44 they showed as damaged in transit or lost. Then at 5:47 they showed as arriving again.

I got an email from Amazon asking me to contact them, I actually had them call me and I was able to talk to their manager here at the Orlando center. He apologized and confirmed that the package(s) are in the correct location for delivery tomorrow.

I thanked him and told him that if I had any more trouble I knew how to get him again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mark Gosdin


That’s good to know they are doing all week . Just found it strange those two orders shipped on a Saturday . Like pre-shipment label created all day then showed as picked up that night .

Of course my third order shipping today kind of messed up my theory .

I just checked my emails I got the same one .
I’m not in a big hurry for anything I ordered . I have plenty here to watch . Though been having some internet issues . I’m guessing forced from xfinity since I had. Lot of data from games


So, one part that I ordered from Amazon for my computer is late. It was supposed to be here yesterday, and it had the arrive by 9 PM thing. At 10:15 PM, it still had that message, so I just went to bed. This morning when I checked, it had finally changed to the two-day notice that @mgosdin got. And it was like that all day when I checked it. Never saw that map they give you. Mind you, I been home the past two days because of getting sick with something, and I needed to step out for a bit today, and while I’m out, I get a notice they couldn’t deliver the package. No notice from my doorbell they stopped by.

When I checked the status, I see this: