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They throttled your internet?

Doesn’t Xfinity have a 1000 Gig monthly cap???


As far as I know it does, since one of my pals lives in a Comcast-only zone and he regularly receives notices from Comcast to the effect that “we don’t enforce our 1 TB/month cap in your service area, but if we did, you’d be paying bigly overage fees”.

On package delivery, I was finding that if a car was left in the driveway then the delivery people would put the packages in front of the car, blocking them from the road. Amazon also would stick envelope sized packages against the windshield.

But now that the Black Friday/Christmas rush is on, they’ve gone back to just piling up the boxes on the porch, which is more work for them vs putting them in front of the car.

So it’s either “hide the boxes out of sight, but exposed to rain” or “keep them out of the rain but in plain sight” :frowning:


I think Amazon is learning what the USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc. all already knew. Delivery is hard to do.

Mark Gosdin


I’m thinking this time it’s more a holiday overload issue to tell the truth . It does really seem like though every time I break 200 gigs my internet slows down . Since I’ve replaced all the cables in the house it’s gotten a bit better ,but I think they need to replace the ones on the line and coming from the road .


Exactly right.

I even went through the “fun” of navigating the Xfinity site to find this:

I understand with all the online technology how you could easily reach your data cap. As you can see, with the addition of the second Roku, my internet just broke the 200GB barrier for the first time.

You honestly don’t know the trouble I’ve had along those same lines. When we first moved here, my folks decided to get Dish Network. After a REALLY FUN year with their services (literally, ANY time it rained we would lose signal :triumph:), we decided to switch to Comcast (and paying Dish an almost $1000 cancelation fee…). When they first set the system up, the coaxial lines inside the house were worn, so they got an immediate replacement. Things were working fine until the R3 software update (with cloud support). As soon as they released that, my entire system would go down for hours at a time, displaying RDK-03004. After aound 6 times a technician came to my house, they figured out what was going on. Turns out the signal being broadcast in my area wasn’t stable enough to handle the new technology on it’s own. I had to get 4 signal amplifiers between the road and my system. 1 at the pole, 1 at the back of the house, 1 where the cables split, and 1 inside the house on the line for the modem…

Everything works properly now thankfully :relieved:


Revenge on the Delivery Woes

So my missing packages, which were supposed to go out courier this morning, are now lost again in the local Amazon Distribution Center’s shipping system, if they ever really were in it to begin with.

So, they are sending me a new set of shipments with 4 of the 5 items coming overnight. And the one item we really wanted, present for my wife, being delayed until next Monday.

I asked for them to no longer use Amazon Logistics as a carrier for my orders, they can’t quite do that but they can de-prioritize it so that my orders ship via anything else before it goes Amazon Logistics. I did that and eventually it will take effect.

I renewed Amazon Prime in October, now I’m not sure that was a good idea.

Mark Gosdin


Logistics kind of sounds like when Amazon had a group of people they hired last year to deliver boxes in thier personal vehicles . Half of the time stuff went missing or was delivered wrong .


That’s pretty much the description. I’ve had a lot of Amazon Logistics deliveries since their Dist. Center opened in the summer. Before that there were only occasional Logistics deliveries that appeared to come out of their warehouse in Davenport.

There was, for me, a too high number of package delays and a noticeable lack of tracking information when packages are shipped via Logistics. That’s why I asked if I could block them, it surprised me that I could de-prioritize Amazon Logistics.

Mark Gosdin


Hoping this is really my package - label isn’t even stuck on.


That’s wild. It doesn’t look like the label matches the package at all.

Mark Gosdin


It was something I ordered, so I guess I just have to hope that someone else didn’t order the exact same thing. :laughing:


Looks like the label came off and they just kept putting it back .


Stupid question, but I’d like y’all’s thoughts.

A few items on the Sentai Store are listed with “Add To Cart”, but upon selection, the “Out Of Stock” message appears.

Literally the first item in the store is like that (11 Eyes DVD release).

Does this imply that the series listed like that will be receiving more copies, or does it just seem to be an oversight by the SS team and these listings should be “Unavailable” ala Chunibyo S1 DVD?


I’ll see if I can find out.


Per Admin:

If the product is a DVD, it’s likely not coming back. We are phasing DVDs out. If no BD version of the same show is available then the DVD may be restocked.



Err, how did I get unlimited? I swore I got an email from AT&T like a year or two ago saying they were adding caps to the internet. I remember waiting for some six months to even see something like that on my member page, eventually just giving up.

So, Amazon finally delivered today, and I hook stuff up, plug it in (BTW, love that this motherboard can update the BIOS from a flash drive without turning the system on, after all, my Newegg order is currently scheduled for Friday, but if past patterns hold, will be here tomorrow because FedEx is already at the stop before the USPS handoff) and lights:

When I decided to turn on the system, MY GOD is this quiet! Oh, and the CPU water block lights up too. Damn gamers any their RGB crap!

Will take the GPU from the current system as any worthwhile upgrades are too much right now.


Woo, finally the end of DVD. Hopefully Sentai will be replacing anything in DVD-only purgatory with at least a SD bluray.

It’s a pretty cool feature, if only more motherboards could have it, but it supposedly costs too much to implement.

It seems kinda neat to me, better than the old days where hardware only lit up in one color and didn’t have an “off” switch…but all the 16.7+ million colors of RGB are wasted on me as I don’t have a case window :rofl:

But it makes sense that you’ve got RGB doodads all over the place as Intel has a reputation as being the gamers’ processor; it’s got IPC, it’s what games crave :smiley:


I personally don’t care for the Light Show Bling. I’ve got a extra fine set of nippers, so turning the Leds off isn’t really a problem. :smiling_imp:

Mark Gosdin


Best response to Cowboy Bebop Live-Action series:



I don’t have a window on my case so it’s kinda of pointless to have this stuff, but have you seen my video? The clips of the PCI-E 16x slots have leds! Heck, you don’t even need to play the video to see that I noticed.