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It won’t play for me, but from the still shot I see that they put the LEDs under the clips. A dot of black enamel paint should put an end to that. I hadn’t seen that before on a motherboard. Usually it is the fans that I’ve disabled LEDs on. Those will show from the outside on nearly any case and I find the lights annoying.

Now my son’s machine we built last year has a windowed case with a huge number of “vents” as well. He ordered fans with Orange LEDs and his machine looks like lava in a volcano.

Mark Gosdin


I was starting to think I was the only one :smile:

AFAIK most modern RGB hardware has the option to turn off the LEDs via software. A big step up from just a few years ago, where I bought some fans that were on sale and if they’re on, they’re lit up in red. :frowning:

Because everyone knows that if you have your PCI slots illuminated in blue then your GPU will run cooler, and if they’re red you’ll get more FPS :rofl: :roll_eyes:


Had my teeth cleaning today . Teeth feel kind of strange in a way I’m not sure how to explain . No cavities at least they did not say I had any . Got back to a box from Sentai ,but not the one I was expecting it’s order 3 which shipped after the second I was expecting . Second order just saying in transit . So I expect it’s temp lost someplace . Going to wait for order 2 to post what came .

Also took a book back I canceled a month ago that show up from Walmart yesterday . Their system is all messed up kept trying to only let them give a gift card back . They called thier tech person who was dumbfounded . Luckily a older worker was there and knew how to do it the old way .


Looks like I might have to contact Sentai later this week . BF sale the partially shipped Order 2 is looking like it’s lost . Order 5 arrived at the local post office this morning as have 2 things I ordered from Rightstuf . Order 4 I’m not worried about since it shipped priority . Though not sure how media mail beats a priority package .


When you think about it there isn’t really any advantage to having different end to end delivery speeds from the view point of a carrier like USPS. It’s cheaper for them to have a standard cross country shipment process and to prioritize the express shipments, load them first then the various lower priority items to fill the container / trailer. So, your media mail may have been loaded with a small load of express in order to fill the bulk shipment out.

Mark Gosdin


3DMark results. That’s a bit of a jump…


It is.

With the “Rule of Thumb” for Nvidia that the XX60s are a bit better than the previous XX70s, it looks like that the 960 was much further behind the 970 than I thought.

That CPU increase of almost 3x looks very nice :+1:

So how does a leap of, oh 8 or so CPU iterations feel in non-benchmark use?

Outside of air mail, I wonder how shippers do implement different delivery speeds. :thinking:

Do they “sandbag” by deliberately letting the lower-priority mail sit idle even when they have the capacity to ship it? Looking at some of my zanier package tracking histories, I wonder if lower priority mail might be deliberately sent on roundabout routes? :wink:


Once I get things setup so it’s my main system (Seriously, just getting things setup to where I’m at now makes me realize why I never bother to reformat my old machine, I need a free weekend at least to configure stuff to my liking!), I’ll let you know.

It might be because of too much crap on the old system, and/or MS did something with Windows 10 to improve it, but boot times are insane!

Also, it’s only 7 iterations. The numbering for the i# chips worked like how movies and games worked, the first one in the series didn’t have 1, but all the sequels have a number, with the second one having the 2. If we apply the same logic Intel used on nvidia’s cards, then the first GTX XX60 card would have the model number 60, the second would be 260, then 360, etc.


From what I know of it the answer is yes. A package may be sent on a routing that has intermediate stops instead of a direct route. Since the lower priority items are potentially used as filler that explains why you sometimes get that ground shipment in two days rather than five.

Mark Gosdin


No mail tomorrow.


Any of you game folks find this useful? :video_game:


Yes though now I might have to buy one again .


Just received the notice that my Cyber Monday order has shipped. Now to wait for the 3rd Black Friday Sale order to be processed :upside_down_face:


Nice . I’m still hoping Order 2 breaks loose from wherever it is before I contact Sentai on Thursday . Really starting to seem like the issue lay with something in the Des Moines Post office . Order 4 was supposed to be here tomorrow though it’s showing the message that usually means it’s stuck someplace to now ,but since no mail tomorrow thinking Thursday if it’s not lost . Now just really hoping both show up before those backordered titles come in .


Well my not to visually pleasing solution so I can swap and shut stuff off easy . Can get rid of the fire stick when Hidive adds Roku .


The Amazon commercial with the singing boxes still freaks me out . Like I’m glad they tape the mouths up on my boxes .


I don’t know if I love that commercial, or not.

Happy that a new generation is experiencing Can You Feel It?, but upset that everytime I see that commercial I immediately want to play the full song…


I don’t know either at first I sing along and then I’m like “Hey, why am I singing?!”


I still wouldn’t, when Sony screws up the product so badly that fans have to soft-hack it to make it work as it should’ve then IMO Sony doesn’t deserve our $100.

…if we have to connect a keyboard to the Playstation Classic to fix the emulator, why not just run the (free, open-source) emulator on our PCs, which already have keyboards? :smiley:

TBH I’m not sure why Sony didn’t just whip up a new batch of PSTVs, put 'em in a PS1-style box, bake the games into them, and rebrand them as Playstation Classics.


They basically took a raspberry pi , slapped it in a mini PlayStation looking case , and used someone else’s emulator off the internet then did not even change it .

It’s basically like hey we know people are going to just mod this thing let’s just do half the work for them .

My guess is they pull it from shelves soon .