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Here is something fun a very blurry picture from a 1.3 megapixel camera of my collection from 2006 .


I know that includes a lot of single disc cases, but that is impressive!!!


I think I had six of those shelves just for anime by the time I switched to a different setup because I could not get them anymore . Those single volume releases were such a huge space taker . 6 to 8 disc for 26 episode series .

This does remind me someone really needs to rerelease Happy Lesson first series/OVA’s and get the two sequel series to . The ADV dub for the first series and OVA’s was hilarious and just plain good . I always found it a shame they never got the rest . Now I need to pull my collection out and get it out .


What’s all those strips stuck to the wall?


They were the top labels from the DVD’s . All gone now .


They might save face by doing a trade in program?

Pretty cool. :+1:

The only thing I can recognize for sure is the Mai-HiME box. I’ve still got my version of that kicking around here…well, and the vintage Linksys router. WRT54g? :wink:

A series that I somehow still haven’t seen.


I started out with Sauder branded shelves in Oak that I can’t get anymore. So I’m using a smaller shelf from them that comes in Rosewood faux finish. Problem is I need more.

Got one of those WRT54g routers sitting in the closet. Reminds me I need to recycle it, the wired lan ports quit working some years ago.

Mark Gosdin


Holy s… that’s alot of dvds got to get started on mines

In my email today, Amazon sent me this:

But when I click on the link, I get this:

What is the point of the email with that offer if I’m not qualified for the said offer to begin with?


Amazon does that a lot . I get those to and not eligible as well . For a while I got email for whole foods and cold food delivery . It’s not available in my area .


Called Amazon a little bit ago . Saw my package was marked as delivered so went out 3 minutes later . Nothing in the mail box and it says it was handed directly to me . Nope nothing . 15 minutes after I call Amazon and they create a replacement order someone not in a mail truck pulls up and drops the item on the bench out front . Canceled my replacement order online and called to let them know what happened .


So, I decided I was at a point where whatever it was I needed to do on my new computer, I just needed to actually use the damn thing to see what left I needed to do (and eventually transfer files over at some point as well)

First thing that happens when I go to watch the first anime on the new system, static from the audio. I lost way too much time on this, and when I manually downloaded drivers from ASUS’ website for my motherboard, it was fixed… Okay…


That’s a time sink for certain. MB Audio is notorious for being Noisy. In the Audio world most turn the MB Audio off and use an external DAC connected by USB or Digital Coax / Optical. Very high quality DACs can be had for under $100. Or you can go wild and spend $1000’s, there are even Tube DACs that use Vacuum Tubes in the Analog stage in the DAC.

Glowing “Eyes” in the dark.

Mark Gosdin


I’m expecting a broken Blu-ray case or worse . Each of those cans represents a case of 24 .


They’re shipping it all in the same package???


Amazon has the option to “Ship When Available” in multiple packages rather than all in one package. Usually that keeps heavy stuff away from more fragile items, usually.

Mark Gosdin


This was actually three different orders they combined . I usually try not to order heavy stuff around the same time as fragile stuff ,but the cat food was a day later shipping and did not realize it . Not sure if this tops the glass bottles with 40 pounds of cat litter .


Enough people placing orders like these and UPS/Amazon could claim that they include an on-site gym in their recruitment ads :wink:

…maybe Amazon’s algorithms figured that “Marmalade” belonged in the same box as 4 other food items? :rofl: :roll_eyes:


I wish I could get it local ,but Petsmart is the only place that has it in and it’s usually a bit more plus out of stock at lot . To be fair these cat litter and food orders pay for Prime every year in a few months .

I’m not sure lucky UPS did not flip the box as it was right on top of the three cases of the one food . Ive had some really not quite bright amazon packing . Collectibles in bubble mailers and packed with stuff like the cat litter . The CS one time told me thier system basically leaves it to the person packings judgement once the machine brings them stuff . You can usually tell if a fellow collector packs stuff .


Which 40 pound litter do you get? The type my family uses is the Platinum Arm and Hammer:

It’s peculiar that this type of litter is (from personal use anyway) longer lasting than the regular Clump And Seal, but very rarely can I actually find it on shelves :thinking:

The employees of the ICPO can barely lift it, so they let me go in the back to pick it up. :man_shrugging: