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It’s this . It’s the one I’ve found with the least amount of dust .


Uncertain about where to post this, so just gonna put it here.

Was just thinking about this.

With all of the Sentai titles that have been loaded to Crunchy recently, on top of the VRVDive contact, what are everyone’s thoughts if they partner so Sentai can release catalogue Crunchy titles, and share simulcasts starting with the Spring 2019 season?


I’d love to see it ,but I wonder if it’d be better to work like the Funimation deal worked or if they’d be better for a co-operated brand label that could be dissolved if the deal does .

I’m just wanting UzaMaid! and Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood . on Blu-ray mainly . Dub would be great to for those ,but I’ll take them subbed only . I’m pretty sure there was others to .


The first shows to come in the new partnership are Beyond The Sky and Sea and Tsurune, although the HiDive version is a couple weeks behind :thinking:


Called about why my G-gundam set had not shipped . Our zip is the same for two towns . I put both in as that’s what it was listed as on the card when I ordered . The credit card company at some point changed it to one of the towns names . Rightstuf’s fraud system threw it out . Asked to just have it put in with another order . Said thier system had detected something wrong with the other card . Said to cancel the G-gundam set for now and I’ll reorder once I figure out what’s wrong with the other card . Turns out when I renewed a club store membership the one credit card is from they changed the address to the one attached to the card I used to pay for it which is the other address . Seems to just be a Rightstuf issue ,but now have to change the billing address on Amazon and PayPal to just be sure .

I’m starting to hate Monday’s all over again .



Well getting logged out of the forums and trying to get back in is a bit of a pain .


Someone decided getting me a 9 inch red velvet cake was a good idea . Half a cake later I regret everything and nothing at the same time .



Where’s my piece??? :cake:


That’s crazy just had a cake myself

What did u get the cake for @psychopuppet


Okay, I was asked how real-world performance was with the 7 gen jump in CPUs, and for the most part, I don’t really notice much because most things I do that would benefit don’t really use much CPU time. Basically, games and VMs stuff would really push my system. Anyway, after using my new system as my main for a few weeks, I actually have results from Firefox of all things. For whatever reason, my old systems seem a bit sluggish at times just opening a link in a new tab (this forum is the main place I notice this issue). And when I say new tab, just the GUI adding a new tab to the tab bar, before the tab would actually start to load!

Anyway, here are some data:

Firefox results Old Home Machine Work Machine New Home Machine
CPU 1st gen i7 2nd gen i5 (Dell) 8th gen i7
RAM 12GB 16GB 32GB
OS Windows 7 Windows 7 Windows 10
OS Drive (Size in Windows) Single no name SSD 1TB 2 SSDs in RAID 0 (128GB) 2 SSDs in RAID 1 (1TB)
Video playback No Issues Stutters, tearing at a set height(Not sure of the cause) No Issues
Opening lots of tabs Can take a while for the tab to appear Can take a while for the tab to appear No Issues


Just a Christmas thing . Of course it’d be bad by then so it has to be eaten .

Last year we tried the place the Cake boss went and helped . It was a horrid experience .
My grandmother used to make them every year . She used the Waldorf Astoria recipe with some personal tweaks and the place we go to is the closes to that one . Of course a few of the ingredients she used are not healthy so they don’t make them the same way now . So it’ll never be exactly the same .

On the counter .


I am thinking of @psychopuppet but I wish now that I kept some of my childhood toys. Wow!!


I made the not so wise choice to try to rearrange my room while I was getting rid of my bed frame . Ended up having to put everything back to the way it was as my Media Chest kind of limited how it can be placed . Did find this gem . Alphapak cases were kind of like the stackpak of thier day . In that mean more trouble then anything . A lot of loose disc and damaged cases . The 5 disc below cases were not to hard to find ,but the 6 disc and up I could only find one place at that time . This was a deleted copy direct from a ADV site store sale . They used to just cut the plastic cover holders .


Neat. I own that same set.



Flip and Flip
s’yadiloH yppaH dnA
samtsirhC yrreM


Here’s something I’ve been missing my entire life. Why did no one tell me about this?



I would have, but I don’t like sharing my fun!!


Can’t believe this, but I actually won one of the RightStuf prizes!

It’s a $25 gift card for a review of an anime series.

In case you want to look for it, I’ll give a hint: it’s a show from the Other Anime purchases thread.


Saw Ralph Breaks the internet yesterday with a friend and his family . Not really a great movie . It had its moments ,but think the first one set the bar pretty high and this one just could not deliver . I think it could make a great tv series ,but hopefully no more movies .

On another note saw the trailer for the Dumbo live action movie . Really want to see that now .