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Looks like the first shipment problem I’ve had in a while:


Hasn’t updated since last Sunday at 9:30am.

If it doesn’t arrive by Monday, I guess I’ll have to call the USPS about it (if they are open, that is…)


I’m starting to wonder more and more if thier labels or shape of the boxes are having a cause of this . I’d say it’s media mail ,but I’ve had it happen with priority and flat rate as well . Just strange it’s always coming or fulfilled from the one place with me at least .


The part that’s peculiar in my mind is the package stopped in Atlanta Georgia. Never once before have I had a RS or SS package get scanned in at that location.

Media Mail and Parcel Post get sent to the Jacksonville Sort Facility, whlie First Class and Priority get sent to Tampa. Never been one to spend $30+ to ship Express…

Not even beginning to comprehend it going Northwest from Atlanta to Memphis, where it supposedly has gotten lost :fearful:


USPS should be opened tomorrow, I have a package that is supposed to be here tomorrow.

I hate it when the only info I have on some package is the company that handles shipping.


Thier sped up shipping methods do get a bit pricey . When I was having my issues last year/beginning of this year I asked about maybe them figuring out a way to offer a higher dollar threshold shipping discount for faster shipping . I honestly think they’ve not had anyone talk to the post office in quite sometime as they don’t know they’ve changed the wait period for claims or anything else .


Picked this up at Sams Club today .
It uses hibiscus tea instead of the normal black tea .


We get hibiscus tea bags from the Fresh Market ( Florida version of Whole Foods). It’s really good.

Mark Gosdin


Target has 15% off most DVD’s and Blu-rays online . Includes most anime both in-stock and pre-orders . Not really a lot of great deals which is why I did not mention this in deals ,but some are cheaper then the normal places . If you have a red card it bumps it up to 20% .


I have another order from Sentai coming, should be here Monday according to the USPS.

It includes another copy of that back-ordered set from Black Friday order #3, since the first copy seems to still be


Finally got around to cleaning out my purse after the holiday trip. My hubby was apparently throwing all the change he got into my purse so he didn’t have to put it in his pockets.

I had $18.57 in change! It’s so much lighter now.


Geez! Almost $20 in coins?

That’s a decent meal at most sit down places :joy:


He only does this when we’re traveling, so it’s few and far between and I always forget that he does it.

I never think about dumping out my purse when we’re in a hotel room looking for change the vending machines. :roll_eyes:


That reminds me I really need to clean out the various compartments in my car . Been throwing receipts , 1’s , and change in them for a while now .


I think Amazon needs to improve the Fire sticks WiFi signal reception . Pretty much not been able to use it . Yet the Roku stick works fine . Might have to find the hdmi extender and Velcro it to the wall or something


Just ate the last of my candy cane Hersey kisses . I regret not buying more .


Random thought, but with all the recent Netflix anime, alongside Viz, and with Crunchyroll re-entering the dub production fray, this is probably the most Bang Zoom has dubbed anime since the days of Bandai USA :thinking:


I do believe that you are right.

Mark Gosdin


You know I just realized AT&T still owns Warner Bros to . Maybe they will be handling Crunchyrolls Home video releases .

When Bandai Ent . and Geneon were closed I remember Bang Zoom saying they were pretty sure they’d not be dubbing much Anime anymore . Still miss those two ,but I think with what happen during those years it forced most of the American companies to realize things had to change . Of course with Bandai ent . I still think Bandai Visual USA/Honnêamise labels not working the way the Japanese thought they would pissed them off and they were trying to run Bandai Ent in to the ground .


I miss Bandai USA, but I’m not really keen on Bang Zoom dubbing. Most all of the California dubs that I like, and many that are generally lauded by the fandom, weren’t done by B/Z.

Tho TBH I’m a little salty that Bandai + Bang/Zoom = death of ADV (and Gurren Lagann getting hurt with a dub that AFAIK is considered the pits)


I wonder whatever happened to Not-Bang Zoom ? You know the company that was basically Bang Zoom with no actual name that used amateurs that are now well known or more known VA’s under different names .

I think that dub and the show getting pretty much taken from ADV is why I did not really enjoy Gurren-Lagann . That dub rubs in me in a wrong way I can’t explain in words .