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This morning my hubby told me that he was going to buy us a new keyboard for the desktop. Since I hadn’t been having any trouble, I asked him why. He said that all the letters had been worn off the keyboard.

I hadn’t even noticed, I don’t ever pull the keyboard tray out to type, I just stick my hands underneath the desk and never look at the keyboard. But he’s right, almost all the letters & numbers have rubbed off.

SIGH Now all have to get used to something new…


Got a new Queen Mattress with a low profile boxspring today .
Been sleeping on my just saggy mattress on the floor since I dismantled my frame thinking it’d not take long to get a new one . It felt great ,but the real test will be the sleep .

Stock photo of the New one .


Placed one final sale order on 1/5. Only had $40, which meant I couldn’t get the free shipping, so it was shipped Priority.

For the tracking, here's what it shows right now:

Here we go again :joy::joy::joy:


Left Memphis, just to return to Memphis



I wouldn’t panic just yet, sometimes I’ve had packages that got scanned as they moved from one section of a sorting facility to another part of the same building. So, you get multiple arrival / departure notices for the same facility.

Mark Gosdin


That’s happened to me a few times before as well.

Just find some serious humor that both of my packages that went through Memphis (once again, never had a RightStuf or Sentai package stop there before) have had peculiarities. The fact that the first was Media Mail, while this is Priority is just the cherry on top :joy:


I’ve seen the Memphis sorting facilities / airport. Most of it is FedEx, which handles much of the Priority Mail for USPS. It would not surprise me that a package could arrive at one sorting center the depart for another sorting center 1/2 mile away and never leave the Airport grounds until after the final sort. Good old media mail just gets stuffed in whatever container is going in the right direction. :persevere:

Mark Gosdin


@psychopuppet, did your Comcast bill spike about $10 this month?

I just got my paperless billing, and curious as for me, last months bill was $255, and this months is $266, and that’s with no PPVs for both bills.

Comcast is hiking up more fees :weary:


Note to self, see if there’s a way to get FedEx to automatically send a delivered email for packages.

I’m signed up on UPS, FedEx, and USPS to get notices about packages being sent to me (FedEx annoys me when I don’t have a way to track everything being sent to my house however), and sometimes when I get something from FedEx, it’s like the first email will give be a date of when to expect it, then as the package gets closer, I get an email saying it’s coming a day sooner than the first email (or recently, that it basically was still on track, but now they have a time frame!). Then overnight while I’m sleeping, it gets pushed back a day, then about the time I would leave for work, it’s out for delivery, making the email just before a big fat liar!


@MaouSadao ours has not come in yet or some reason . I’ll check when it does .

Taking another survey, not exactly sure how to answer this one

Clicked the 2nd one, and now I have this


They make this so difficult.

How many people do you think live in Settle?



A place you can be cool, calm and collected. Must be nice there.


Slapout, Oklahoma, had a population of 7 when we stopped there on our way to Colorado Springs in 1998. With 5 people in the car we came close to doubling the population, just us.

Mark Gosdin


I’ve been noticing since November a few Aniplex USA titles vanishing from Rightstuf . I see from a few post and questions asked they have no plans for a reprint . Wonder if they are re-evaluating the market for those titles . Kind of hoping perhaps they start letting some titles go to others or in cases they’ve not said anything about no plans they at least do complete collections . I doubt it ,but I can hope for those titles I missed out on at least .


Do you mean Arvintel Media Productions?

Was just watching Kashimashi, and that stars Stephanie Sheh, Karen Strassman, and Bryce Papenbrook, among others.

Their website, while still functional, seems to have not been updated since 2014 :thinking:

The recording studio itself, The Surround Factory, their website won’t connect, so it seems they may be gone despite being searchable by Google :thinking:


I believe these dubs were actually recorded and produced in Bang Zooms studio . They were budget dubs Geneon had done for a few of those buttend shows for the lack of a better word to have a dub thinking it’d help sales . The Familiar of Zero season 1 I believe was done by who I’m thinking about . I think they may have done a few for Bandai Ent to ,but can’t remember which . I’m not sure some of the VA’s even got paid for some of them .


Made a prime pantry order .
The White Cheddar Popcorn is delicious plus vegetarian as it uses a vegetable enzyme instead of a animal based or animal rennet . This is the first time I’ve ordered since they first started the pantry service . Gotten way better at packing .


I was just checking the date of the Super Bowl and saw this:

TIckets as LOW as $3,594!!



Do I buy a new car, or get 4 tickets to the Super Bowl?

Decisions, decisions :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Go with the Car … Trust Me on this. :grin:

Mark Gosdin