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Brain Drain


It’s pretty bad that I could get a decent USED car for the price of one SB ticket :joy::joy::joy:


I must need more rest, I seriously thought this said “Amazon Shit Car Show” :smile:



Looks like someone on Amazon’s ad team didn’t proofread…or they really don’t like The Grand Tour



I keep feeling like I’ve forgotten something.

Has anyone reported something to me in the last week to 10 days and then haven’t heard back from me?
Either with an answer or to tell you I’ve reported it?

I went through all my notes and can’t see anything, but… well… I’m old & it’s Monday.

(This does NOT include VOD stuff, that’s a whole 'nother ball of wax)


Not I, my mistress.


Well, this is strange :thinking:

Did anyone else have mail today?

(Btw, I didn’t check it, so already know if anything, it’s a yellow slip in my box)


I think they were treating it like a Sunday. No mail delivery, but they did deliver packages.


The USPS Truck came skating thru our neighborhood doing package delivery about 2 PM today, they’ve gotten to where there are two separate trucks lately. One for packages only and one for packages & mail.

Mark Gosdin


I come home from work, and Comcast Central Florida is down for scheduled maintenance.

That’s fine and dandy, but it would have been nice to know this in advance. I mean, they call me at least once a month to try to get me to upgrade my service package, and they have my email address on which I receive weekly Xfinity emails. The least they could do would be sending a message in advance informing the service would be interrupted, right?


The times Comcast emails you they are trying to make more money and likely will make money off the ones that up their service or find some new do-dad that they’ve got to order in that email.

However, doing maintenance they would loose money by having someone email all the impacted users.

The old adage, “Follow the money.” shows it every time.

Mark Gosdin


I often see Comcast’s extremely hokey commercials about how their internet service has 4G LTE cellular data backup for when their connection goes down.

Sounds like Comcast could really see their LTE network getting some use…and I can see why they’re only offering it on their Business class plans :frowning:

Last week, my pal’s comcast internet service went out for a few hours in his apartment complex. IMHO comcast ought to offer billing credits so that we’re not paying for the downtime…even mobile phone games do that…



Do you have Comcast as well @celestial_being?

I agree they should be giving some sort of rebate for the time their services are unavailable, but in that lies the problem. I’m 100% certain there is a spiel they use for just an occasion as the one experienced in the past day. :roll_eyes:


They used to offer credits and I’m sure they still do ,but even years ago it was a hassle to get someone on the phone that had the power to apply a credit . Now with them only having one US call center with most of the calls being sent overseas I’m sure it’d be even harder . Not sure if it’s the same for others ,but my local location switched to being a glorified cell phone type operation and it’s a pain to just go in there . They at least used to offer a free VOD movie for service interruptions .


Got a new keyboard, luckily he ordered the same type that we already had. Easy peasy.


No, but many of my friends do. It’s either Comcast or DSL, which is almost like having no internet at all :frowning:


Well new bed needs to get returned . Not really had a great sleep since I got it . Tried new sheets , spinning it , and a mattress pad ,but something is not right with the coil system . Like it’s out of Alignment and messing up my back . When I lay on my side feels like something is poking me in the rib .

Edit: Finally found a good use for those video games I no longer play and old priority mail boxes . I don’t own the figure that box has on it . It’s a aluminum dip mold from 1990’s Stretch Armstrong in it . Took stacking stuff six foot high to get a good signal to the fire Stick .


Took the mattress and box spring back today . Could not find one to replace so said I’ll just sleep on my camping air mattress to I find what I want . Nope on the couch now getting dirty looks from the cats for being in their spot . Not sure how long I’ll be able to hold out . Might have to put back together the old platform bed frame I was trying to ditch and pick up the memory foam in a box type bed I tried a bit back .


Something that I don’t get:

The Home Depot website will tell me exactly where in a store an item is located. Super convenient.

The Wal-Mart website will not, it’s like pulling teeth just to find out if it is even in the store from their site, especially the desktop site.

The whole point of Wal-Mart IMO is to go to the store and get what I need right now, but Wal-Mart thinks that what I want to do is order it online and then wait 2-4+ hours for someone at Wal-Mart to pick it up off the shelf for me and then hold it at the In-Store Pickup area.



what is going on!!!


So went for a beach hike with some friends . We jumped a couple small water flows on our trip . High tide came early and fast . So on the way had back to strip down to our underwear and cross two now waist deep creeks in this cold . So I had an freezing cold adventure today .