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Brain Drain


They want me to rate these statements (1-4) on how believable they are. :smile:



I think #2 is the most believable. Which one did you end up picking, @Slowhand?


Had to rate them 1-4 on believably.

Considering that two of them have a misspelling, it was pretty easy.


Your extracurricular activities always amuse me! :laughing:


One of our ferals has a UTI . She’s been running around trying to find a spot to pee . I figured it’s because the snow messed her up ,but noticed some yellow snow while I was clearing some spots in the yard for her and a small amount of blood . Went to the pet store bought some stuff and some UTI chew treats ,but did not touch any of it . I think I’m going to pull out the blender I bought for my old cat that had no teeth , then mix some water , and apple cider vinegar in to some wet food . I think a bit of the issue is the water keeps freezing up and even though we are giving her fresh water everytime she’s just not drinking like she should . It sucks vets just can’t give out antibotics anymore .


They can’t? Were people pulling a Cosmo Kramer and eating the pet meds? More cynically, were vets overprescribing?

…the other day I was at a farm supply store and was amazed that I could just reach into a cabinet and pull out penicillin to buy. So its sad to hear that the red tape is slowly tying up the vet side of healthcare.


Yes people were taking those and fish mox . I used to use the fish mox for my aquarium when it was needed . The one brand has been FDA approved so going to try to get it as a worse case then ask a hypothetical question to a vet I may or may not know .


Bought some stuff to make some ant traps that the cats can’t get into .

Also bought a few of these to store my Blu-Ray and DVD’s that will fit . One day I’ll have to organize what’s in them better .


Thinking I might start giving all of my buying money to Funimation, AnimEigo (Gunsmith Cats in looking like April now) , Nozomi , and Discotek for a while . Not feeling the love for a certain company I’ve spent probably well over $10 grand or more over the years in its various forms and thinking of canceling the stuff I have pre-ordered plus a certain membership .


Was in a car wreck last night. In the hospita right now.


@MaouSadao Sorry to hear that . Hope everything turns out good . Make sure they check you out well .



Oh no! Are you all right?

Please let us know how you’re doing.


@MaouSadao First things first. Let the pros at the hospital do their jobs and get you back on your feet. We will still be here when you are ready.

Mark Gosdin



Hope you will be back on your feet soon. Take care and yes, please let us know how you are!

Sending you good wishes!! :heart:


I’m so sorry to hear about that. Hope you are alright. :worried:


Here is the car


My goodness! Those are some pictures there. That was quite a wreck.


Thankfully it was an older Chevy Impala, big car can take an impact like that and only rough you up.

Mark Gosdin


Wow! Totaled is probably an understatement.

I’m so thankful that you’re still around and communicating.

Take care!


I am just stunned at the sight of that car! Really happy you survived that!