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Brain Drain


To twist the rear axle and front wheel up like that . They had to be going way to fast . Glad your still around . When you feel up to it keep us informed on how your doing .


Anyone having a error with all things Crunchyroll ? App not loading and website says Shinobi are working on it .


It’s been happening for several days now. Yesterday, they tweeted that they were having trouble and were “working to set it right”


Crunchy Roku app won’t handle the end of an episode. Goes to a blank screen and I have to “Goose” it with the back key on the remote. Annoying and wasn’t that way a couple of weeks ago.

Mark Gosdin


Here’s the tweet - click to read the whole thread, there was a question about X-Box, etc.


I’ve been having a issue with it randomly changing to full frame on widescreen shows which I thought was my tv at first ,but I saw the subtitles were scrunched and having to go to show pages to get episodes to play I have in my watch list . Hopefully whatever they are doing fixes these glitches .


I have a feeling that this has to do with Warner Media / AT&T making changes in the background to prep for rolling all their streaming onto VRV / Crunchy’s platform.

Mark Gosdin


I was and now both the app and website are back up and running for me.


I was having issues this morning at random points. The most notable was when “My Roommate is a Cat” had came on.

Poor Crunchyroll, now they're making new error pages

Seems their time could be better spent just fixing the issues, instead of making new stuff. But hey, that’s just me.


Crunchyroll works through their problems by adding more color. :grin:


Went for a lot easier beach hike today . Kept our eye on the tide this time and also made a small fire . Supposed to go tomorrow for a different beach ,but something came up so don’t think I’ll be able to . Hopefully can figure out a way as need to get out of the house more . Though Sunday I should be going to a convention 2 hours away ,but that’s inside .


So nature could not make up its mind . Got this nasty mix of snow , rain , sleet , and now frozen .


Thanks to the winter weather, the fam has had to go through its massive collection of stuff and uncovered a small mountain of official Sailor Moon VHS tapes from back in the day.

Right on the package they say that they’re “uncut”, which seems kinda weird to me knowing what we now know…?

…it did remind me how much I prefer the 90s dub to the modern one. One day there’ll be a “Rock the Dragon”-style HD remaster of the 90s version…


We got Cali’s replacement today:

She is a 2003 Saab 9-3.

We decided on her name already: Grea


Great color!


What a nice car.




Hopefully she will be accident free for you in the future.

Mark Gosdin


Sweet !