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Target has Buy 2 get one free on movies and tv series , video games , and a few other things . A lot of the Funimation essentials sets and other anime companies releases are included . Like a most of the Funimation essentials titles are a $1 more then Amazon ,but as long as you get the three it’s a better deal . Just be careful of pre-orders that allow the discount . They tend to charge in full when the first item ships .


Good Lord, how many commercials must there be in this? The short is shown to be 16 minutes & 27 seconds long, but IFC has allotted 2 1/2 hours for it.



High of 88 degrees here today, shattering old record of 85. Yay… :sun_with_face:

EDIT - now at 91 degrees. Texas, baby.


While it’s thankfully not that hot where I am, I’m missing that Polar Vortex.

Seems like all winter the precipitation only arrives when it is too warm for snow, leading to rain or, worse, freezing rain…and when it is freezing out, there’s no snow, which is just no fun.


I’m trying to figure out why the hell 20-30 degree feels colder than the -10 we had during the vortex?


When shoping the yesterday i’ll try to sent ya some of the clothing
if i can
an big reminder in a year me and my mother and brother are going to Texas


Looks like ANN is acting up with gift card pop-ups for me . Oh well .


Made a pizza with some naan bread , string cheese sticks and a pack of Arby’s marinara sauce .


Anyone else having problems with Amazon’s fulfillment center?

On Friday the 15th I ordered 2 boxes of cat litter, so it would qualify for free shipping. This morning, they still hadn’t been shipped. I had to call customer service and for some reason, they weren’t scheduled for shipment until April!

The lady was able to fix it, and they were just sent out this evening.


You know, I’m in a position where I might need a new USB hub. The first signs of issues with it were when my keyboard would seem to just randomly lose power while typing. I ended up solving that by directly connecting it to my computer (I wish my KVM had a passthrough for the keyboard though, then I could just plug it in the keyboard port, but it doesn’t so the macro keys do nothing as a result)

Anyway, recently my mouse started doing the whole double-clicking on its own deal recently, and it just stopped doing that. It’s still hooked up my hub, so yeah… maybe I need to replace the hub at some point.


I had some cat food I ordered on the 15th get held up for a few days even using the one day free shipping they offer on a few . I think thier system might have had a bug . It seemed very random though .


Been looking through the Sentai Store this morning, and have a few thoughts I would like to discuss.

There are several dubbed series which no longer have their Blu-ray version available, series which include Book Of Bantorra and MM!.

In addition, some 2 cour Sub only series have had some or all of their Blu-ray sets removed. These include My Teen Romcom SNAFU /TOO, Golden Time, and ShiroBako.

For the Subbed shows, could this be a indicator there may be a dubbed rerelease in the near future, or is it a flag that all of these shows may be expiring soon?

Please share your thoughts on this, if you want.


I ordered a tube of propectilin for one of out kitties from Amazon on Thursday night, supposed to be delivered Sunday. This is what I see in tracking today :


I’m curious to see where this leads.

Mark Gosdin


Denver to Miami in less than an hour? I’d love to see that :joy:


Book Of Bantorra and MM! were originally licensed what 2011 and 2012 . Then got dubs later . I wonder if we will see more Sentai Selects type releases or if they figure they’ve got what sales they will get . My Teen Romcom SNAFU /TOO , Golden Time, and ShiroBako I could see getting dubs now that they seem to be going back and dubbing stuff . I missed out on those three thinking I’ll get them later so hopefully so .


Shirobako was kinda like a long-form version of episode 6 of ADV’s Golden Boy. If only they could recapture that magic with a dub.

…and, while I’m on the subject lol, I’d totally buy a bluray of Goldenboy. I also went to a con where Matt Greenfield showed the ep and delivered commentary, it’d be a big bonus if they could redo something like that as a bonus feature, you know, while they’re making my hypothetical bluray :smiley:


Oh, damn. The timing is just too perfect, this plane came from Ontario, CA to Miami, FL Saturday morning and that matches that weird tracking for my package.

It was on it’s way back by way of Houston.

Mark Gosdin


Wow. Oh geez :sweat:

Still would like to know how it got from Denver to Miami in an hour though. (Planes don’t fly that fast, do they? :thinking:)


They don’t, but I’ve seen it where a package arrives at an intermediate stop, where some are unloaded and some are loaded, then the entire trailer or airplane gets a “scan” when it leaves or some time after. Gives you some funny things like an hour transit from Jacksonville to Orlando or 5 minutes from OIA to Davenport. It’s just a matter of when the dispatcher gets around to punching the buttons.

Mark Gosdin


Got my ribbon for those tight fit and not easy to get out box sets . $5.20 for 10 different colors on Amazon . Also got canned cat food that said it was in Jersey as of this morning .