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Brain Drain


Been trying to get into the Funimation site . All I keep seeing is this .
Noticed the app on all devices also logged me out . Wonder if the server is messed up ?


According to a video on YouTube (yea it’s credible, I know…) Funimation has been acting up since yesterday. I don’t know if what you’re experiencing is related to that though :thinking:


Hmmm Funimation seems to work fine for me.


Did a little cleaning out of some website data . To it made me reaccept the cookie thing . It’s working most of the way now . Though logging out of every app was a little strange still .


OH NO! I forgot to sign me up with Funimation


Going through some stuff and stumbled on to this . It is the English dub of the first two episode of Urusei Yatsura . I believe this was all that was ever dubbed . One of these days I probably should email Robert Woodhead and ask .


2-Day Priority Shipping. Shipped Wednesday afternoon, didn’t arrive in Intercession City until this morning :disappointed_relieved:


I’ve been having some priority mail delays . First class has been shipping faster .

On another note got my stickers from Rightstuf that were missing from my set . Came in a bigger box then the disc I got in today .


Should I or shouldn’t I?



Yes, if you can find it anywhere else. After my experiences, I don’t think I will ever be able to trust the Crunchy store again…


RIghtStuf has this one.

Amazon has quite a few different ones.

but neither of them seems to have that same one from the Crunchy store. More exploration is needed.

Tokyo Otaku Mode has it and for $2 less!


I never bought anything from CR before, so I am not sure how they are with deliveries and whatnot.

Looking at RightStuf and Amazon choices, how could you possibly choose just one? LOL

Glad you found a bargain, but I never ordered from Otaku Mode either, so I am not sure about them either.

Did my complete confusion help you at all? :rofl:

Oh, look! Another bargain! (& 20% off your first order!)


I have ordered from TOM before, but never from Crunchyroll.

And, I don’t know how to choose… I’ll wait for my next paycheck to decide, too much thinking for today

But, if anyone else has an opinion, I’ll listen! :slight_smile:

They do have the thing where you can use PayPal for pre-orders and they don’t charge until it ships . Just had something that was supposed to be here in December ship and get charged . The long wait was Bandai’s doing . They pack well though they ship your least favorite shipper .


Since RS has that Funi sale, there’s 3 sets I’d like, but I can only afford one tomorrow…

Interviews With Monster Girls

A Centuar’s Life

And You Thought There Was Never A Girl Online PBS

Monster Girls and Centuar’s Life are $29, but
Girl Online is the PBS and is only $2 more at $31.



That is a tough one . I have the essentials release of Girl Online ,but with the price was thinking about dipping again for the LE . Though the crunchy titles worry me though as we don’t know fully what is up with the home rights . I’m thinking both have them and hoping all of the Crunchy/Funimation stuff gets complete or essential releases ,but just in case I got most of what I really wanted to own .

I’m trying to decide on getting this Re:zero from the sale as I want the goodies ,but then I’d have to mail the disc in . Not a big hassle as I’ve done it before ,but it’s a extra step and I’m kind of in lazy mode .


The more I’m thinking I’d go with Interviews With Monster Girls or A Centuar’s Life . I remembered the original reason I passed on Girl Onlines LE . It was I felt for the extra money the extras felt a bit bland . Funimation’s artboxes really rarely seem to add any new art element like boxes of old did so I rarely take them into account when it comes to single season releases . Heard the mousepad and cling are nice ,but I felt they did not add enough value for me . It was $30.99 during The holiday sale I think and the essentials was $15.44 . Now that I remember I’m going to put the money toward Re:zero.

Edit: Might have to say no on Re:zero . Amazon just shipped two things out a month earlier then the original date and got a lot more pre-orders coming then I thought .


@psychopuppet that’s where I’m having the biggest problem…

I’ve heard Girl Online is a pretty cute show, and it’s a really good price for the PBS, but concerned about the FuniRoll series getting dropped earlier than planned.

I’m leaning towards Monster Girls, since that one is super cute, and it’s dub is Funi exclusive (IMO the dub voices fit the characters beautifully), but since there’s already streaming problems with A Centuar’s Life, I’m really concerned this one might be on the early chopping block :dizzy_face:


@MaouSadao I really wish they’d have given us a little more info on what the home video deal was/is . There is still what a handful of dubs not up on either platform ? Re:Zero dub was mention as coming to Crunchy in the initial list and it vanished from Funimation then never showed up on Crunchyroll . What started making me wonder more was a lot of these shows are coming with Digital ,but some only give you access to extra’s since the shows were pulled from the servers . A Centaurs Life dub is up on Funimation’s streaming ,but again I thought it was on the list of dubs coming to Crunchyroll .



A Centaur’s Life is the strangest one, as the censored Dub is currently on VRV, but not Crunchyroll. However, the uncensored version is on Funi’s server still.

What makes it even wierder is when they first separated the partnership, the Dubbed version of ACL was on Crunchyroll for about 2 weeks, then suddenly removed :thinking: