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I’m just hoping we see some of the titles from the last few seasons that don’t have a release announced . I feel some of the shows that came out during the partnership would have not gotten a dub or release as quick as it was if not for the deal . There was a lot of shows in the past that were popular ,but got left behind because the powers that be thought otherwise . I feel the deal allowed them to better judge things during streaming and realize what people wanted .


If you don’t already have it, maybe you could go for Funi’s release of the complementary series Recovery of a MMO Junkie?

Bafflingly though, it is more expensive than the Never a Girl Online LE.

There’s a fair bit of stuff I’d like to buy from Funi and was waiting for a sale, which reminds me: does the timing of this sale seem normal? AFAIK Rightstuf’s sales are sorta cyclical but I can’t say that I’ve followed it close enough.


I picked it up during the Holiday sale last year .
Edit: it was from Amazon when they had some kind of coupon thing .

Their sales rotations have been strange since they did away with the studio sales you had to use a coupon code for . I think they did away with the coupon code at some point and just adjusted the prices . A lot of people have noticed the prices during theses weekly sales that are studio specific are not as good and don’t include everything like the old studio sales did . This sale seems like it’s to get rid of old stock more then anything . It’s cheaper then Funimation’s site Doki Doki sale .


So, I just got off the phone with the other person’s insurance, and somehow the 2018 Toyota Corolla that hit me was uninsured.

I really don’t know what to do now.



I believe in Florida you have to carry uninsured motorist on your policy, so your insurance will have to pay, then the company will sue to collect from the other driver.

Mark Gosdin


It always gets me that these uninsured cars/motorists are out there. I guess I already know the answer–government efficiency is an oxymoron–but it seems like such an easily solved problem: DMV/MVA sees that the insurance has lapsed and sics the State Po-po on 'em.


The part that hurts my brain the most is supposedly they drove it off the dealership lot tagged, but without insurance.



Law says it isn’t. But the law is only as good as the people tasked with abiding by it. Probably the dealer didn’t properly verify insurance before issuing the tag. That should land the dealer in really hot water. They could be considered liable for your damages because they were negligent.

Mark Gosdin


BTW, does it have any on-disc extras?


Just Textless op and ed. Trailers if you consider that a extra .


@MaouSadao It’s a major slip up that never should happen especially on a 2018 vehicle from a dealer . I know the last time we got a new car they would not let us take the vehicle until they got a hold of the insurance company even though we had a up to date insurance card .


Thanks, I was hoping against hope that there’d be moar.

…seems like a lot of the shows that Funi has made recently that I’ve really liked have been getting the bare-bones releases. :wink:


:star: Congrats to @Twintails56 for being the New User of the Month for February 2019! :star:


Congrats @TwinTails56! :tada:


hey good to see your texting again.


yeah good job sis


My school schedule has been all screwed up because of the weather, and our instructor being out sick one day. The day she was sick, we were merged with another class, but they were on a different topic that won’t be on our exam Wednesday. So we have to watch two of the PowerPoints online. :sleepy:

I did really well on our first exam this semester, so I’m not that worried about it, but it’s still very annoying. I took tonight off from work so I have a long weekend to study. I think this is the only weekend I have off until the end of April. :thinking:


Interesting. The Sunday Crunchyroll simulcasts are not showing up on VRV. :thinking:

They are on Crunchyroll, and in addition to that, the Sunday Hidive new releases do appear :thinking:


Wonder if they had a error when they were uploading them and they don’t realize it ?

I’m starting to notice Rightstuf is starting to split orders and ship out faster . I usually place items in a way to stagger the orders shipping so I can built the money up for each month . Now they always threw that off a bit since for most things they ship when it comes in instead of on release ,but now it’s been more about trying to get each companies shipping times down .

Sentai/Maiden Japan and Nozomi has been a month ahead of release . They throw off my planning a bit more then the others .

Funimation and Discotek has been about a week to two weeks earlier .

The others I tend to order at Amazon so don’t know .