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Brain Drain


And the response email VRV just sent me :rage:

How are Simulcasts catalogue titles???


They could at least take the time to read a persons emails before they send out canned responses . Sentai and Funimation did this for a while (still does on occasion) and its annoying . It’s like I don’t want to do my job here’s some pre-written B.S. .


On another note, @MaouSadao - was your username already taken, so you had to put a “1” after yours?


Yes. Yes it was. :dizzy_face::joy:


I just got a call from my general manager at McDonald’s.

My leave of absence ends on March 9th, and I return to work on March 10th.

That however isn’t the problem.

On March 9th, I am getting transfered to a different location. As a matter of fact, to one of the stores near the Orlando Convention Center.

Right now I am terrified. Been out of work for a month. I’m still not at 100% yet. And the cherry on top is I don’t know anyone there.



I feel your pain. But I know you will be fine. Just take it easy.


Not to be too cliche, but life is full of changes. Perhaps now is the best time for this to happen, rather than after you go back to work.

Just dive right in! I’m absolutely certain you’ll be ok and will make a ton of new friends/coworkers.


Thank you @LadyOfWicca and @Slowhand.

I understand this is a good opportunity for me to grow in the company as well.

I just hope I don’t blow it…


Hang in there, that’s a lot closer to us so my boys and I may cruse by and say Hi!

Mark Gosdin


Just the kind of excitement your life needed. lol

I wish you the best of luck at your new location @MaouSadao.
It’s understandable you’d be nervous and a wreck right now but like everybody else stated, I think you’ll make some great new friends.


So, we were driving down Osceola Parkway ( 6 Lanes ) heading to the Mexican restaurant at the LOOP shopping center for lunch. We came up on flashing blue lights and an SUV parked on the side of the road. First thought was, “Oh, a fender bender.” then we got closer.

There was an old & beat up Honda that had had a Deer tied to the roof. When the SUV hit the Honda in the rear the Deer came loose except for one leg. This left a dead Deer hanging down over the mangled rear end of the Honda with the broken front end of the SUV just inches behind. There were a number of people standing around with a Sheriff’s Deputy staring at the mess. Oh, and it isn’t Deer season as far as I know.

I can’t help but wonder what the Deputy’s report on the accident looked like.

Mark Gosdin


I knew I should have taken a trip to The LOOP today. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You’ve already had your quota of weird driving experiences for the year.

Mark Gosdin


Oh so that’s what a deer in brake lights looks like. :thinking:


This kind of hurts my heart. This afternoon I got a call from one of the managers from my old store. They asked me to come by there this evening. I didn’t have anything planned on my agenda, so I agreed to go there around 6 pm. All of the manager team and several of my co-workers were there to give me a farewell party.

It genuinely put me in tears today. And to make it even sadder, they pooled together to get me a farewell gift.

I’m really going to miss them :sob::sob::sob:


That was so thoughtful. Nice start to a new journey ahead.


That was really nice of them!!

I have been thinking of you and your new location. How’s it going? Nothing to be terrified of, right?

The workers at the new location will come to love you just as much as your old crew and you’ll make a bunch of new friends!


Nothing yet, but I still need to adjust to the new store and shake off this month old rust.

Everyone I’ve worked with seems nice, and interestingly enough one of their managers took their certification class with me 5 years ago!

One thing though, a lot of the crew are Haitian (about 30% or so) so I’m going to need to try to learn a little French Creole.


And you were worried about not knowing anyone. LOL

Good luck with the Creole! It’s nice to learn new things. Have you ever been to New Orleans?


Never once unfortunately.