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It’s a beautiful city, if you don’t go during Mardi Gras! The French Quarter is amazing. Unfortunately, I went during a heat wave, so it was too hot. If you ever get a chance, you should go someday. The food is delicious too!


Oh I’d love to go there just for the food alone!

Have you seen the episode of the Simpsons where Homer spends about 3 minutes talking about the food while eating it? :joy::joy::joy:

I have heard it is quite beautiful and wouldn’t be a bad short trip, since it’s only about a day or so away.


Here’s the video :joy::joy::joy:


I might have seen that ep, I can’t remember. But if you are that close, then you should definitely go! Even if you go alone, there is plenty to see and do.

Video was great!! I went to some of those places! LOL


After everything gets settled with the car wreck and new store transition, (and I save some money up. That food ain’t gonna be cheap :joy:) I’ll try to go on one of my vacations :thinking:


My Mom worked for the USDA as a purchasing agent and they always held their regional convention in New Orleans. She loved going there, her favorite thing was to walk the French Quarter with a refillable drink stopping to sample the restaurants and listen to the music.

Mark Gosdin


Saw this today in my newsfeed:


I’m not so sure about New Orleans nowadays, it might never stop being stuck in 2005.

Baltimore has recently hired (March 12th) away the police chief of New Orleans. Because of this, there was some national delving into the crime in New Orleans under his watch and it doesn’t look too good. For example, Violent crime rose 43% in New Orleans under his watch. :worried:

…I wonder how a guy who couldn’t clean up New Orleans in 4+ years is expected to handle the more populous, and far more violent, city of Baltimore? :thinking:


I always wanted to got to Orlando cause it’s a wonderful place but I heard u


I haven’t seen it but that and Family Guy are my fav
Going to Teaxes in a Year Can Wait!!!


Curious question, but what’s the average time that y’all have experienced for an item at RS which was listed as Out Of Stock but expecting more?

I’m asking cause on Feb 26th I bought Interviews With Monster Girls, which I’m almost certain said In Stock when I started checkout. Lo and behold, after I paid, it said OOS.


2 to 3 weeks has been my experience. I’ve had longer though .
I put a order in for a few things to meet free shipping . One which is a LE I don’t expect more to show up ,but the other Space Dandy complete I expect more to come in .

By the way Interview is in stock at Funimation and it was backordered a week or two ago when I checked . So hopefully that means Rightstuf will restock soon .

Edit: Looking at the clearance section a lot of what was out of stock a few days ago is back in-stock .

Edit 2: Interview is back in-stock .


Wait are ya refering to Monster Musune


No he’s referring to Interviews with Monster Girls, different anime


Oh I need to see it


So went ahead and used my free $25 blind box code with $100 purchase on a order a few days ago and looks like even if the codes are different you can only do it once . I have a few if anyone is planning on making a $100 order .

I put in a order for all of Index/Railgun that’s been released on Blu-ray here . Originally was going to pick up Akashic Record Of Bastard Magic Instructor and Akiba’s Trip ,but decided while Index was so cheap I’d get those instead that way when III comes out they should hopefully match instead of having classics/essentials mixed in . Also decided to throw one of the pi day $10 reduced to $3.14 blind boxes in .

Trying to think why I don’t own Index/Railgun . Was it one of those Funimation was not allowed to release a Blu-Ray of at first things ?

I liked Akashic Record Of Bastard Magic Instructor and Akiba’s Trip ,but I’m not sure I’d watch them again . Pretty sure both will be up digitally for a bit anyway if I wanted to .


Just looked on RS, and Interviews is back in stock under my purchases tab as well. It still hasn’t shipped yet however. Hopefully it’s cause they might be putting the $3.14 blind boxes I ordered today with it. :thinking:


@Sarahviola It’s a different monster girl series with much less ecchi scenes. It’s super cute nonetheless.

Here’s the link to the wiki article about the show.


It and a few of the others came in to stock as I was looking through the clearance yesterday . The Index movie and season 1 was out . I refreshed and it was in-stock . That is what made me look at the others .

The LE I ordered I thought had no chance of restocking . Well it restocked . Still no Space Dandy though . Wonder if a store returned unsold stock to Funimation or something .

I’m thinking if I am getting taxes back I might splurge for something . Just not sure what . Would do a Aniplex title ,but not really much left even if I have the cash I feel ok paying the price for or to much of it is out of print . Maybe just wait for the next Sentai PBS .


Oh man Zero Two is delayed because of technical issues with UPS . Was happy to get her a little earlier . Now won’t see her to Monday .


So, as I have said before, “You never know what you will find at a Thrift Store”.

So this happened today:

They’re all old singles from 2000’ish, but for $1.99 ea unopened I couldn’t resist.

Mark Gosdin


So yesterday after I made my post . I get a email saying your package has been upgraded to next day air Saturday delivery . I’m like ok we don’t get Saturday UPS delivery cause I’m 5 minutes out of town they consider us rural . Well guess this happening is another good reason to buy stuff from Amazon .