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All of those Funimation/Funi-crunchy titles that were in clearance are out and back at full price on Rightstuf . Probably just a overstock sale then .


Just saw this at the Kawaii Kon (Hawaii) website. Wonder who gets to go to this?



Oh man…

Aya Hirano is going to be a guest there :cry:

Also it’s partially sponsored by Fakku! as well :rofl:

For your question Slow, maybe the primary moderator for TAN and HiDive? :wink:


Uhhh… no thank you - I don’t do water or flying over water. I’m against it on principle.


I’ve flown from Houston to Orlando and back several times. Over the Gulf. It’s actually quite pretty watching the ships on the water.

Mark Gosdin


I have a problem with breathing underwater - I can’t do it.


Got one up on me I don’t even like being on a plane .


Sentai has a page banner now on RightStuf. It’s cute.


Sentai needs to get its June stuff up before I spend my tax money on something else . :rofl:


Please don’t remind me of what happen when i was in froster care

Watching the Daily Show this morning, and most of the show has this banner at the bottom about my Satellite Provider will be dropping Viacom channels…

I’m on U-Verse…

Anyway, the page that has the info about what is going seems to be applied to any AT&T service that would have it, including their cord-cutting service!


Could Maybe, just maybe, the threat of streaming networks + consumer displeasure with seeing (ahem) two massive media conglomerates using them as bargaining chips to make another buck, be enough end channel bundling on cable?


In this case, AT&T may just pull out TV service altogether in the long run due to loss of customers, which would mean that for those who don’t rely on streaming services would have one less option. In my area, only Comcast if you don’t want satellite or streaming.

Also, for those who were looking for streaming service to replace cable, AT&T’s option is out if you want the Viacom stuff now.


Seems the Lucky Lucky Sale took at least 2 more series.

Nakaimo Blu-ray (DVD is Low Stock as well) and Azumanga Daioh are no longer selectable for purchase.

Edit on that

Nakaimo Blu-ray is back on the store, but not scheduled to return in stock until 5/10/19.

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Hey did you guys heard about the flooding

I’m thinking about pulling all of my Blu-ray and dvd’s out and inventorying them while they are . Question has anyone found a good app for it ? Maybe with a barcode scanner ?


RS just put ReZero part 1 + the LE version, Tenchi Muyo, and the Steins Gate movie back on clearance :thinking:

Interesting . I noticed a bit of those shows that were in the clearance last time around are on Amazon for $34.99 . Wonder if anymore will pop back in on Rightstuf ?

Still wondering what the end game for these shows will be . Continued to be sold by Funimation and released as an essentials set later or Warner Sells them under a Crunchyroll brand .
The third option would be they go digital only on CR .

Speaking of essentials seen it reported on a few places that the Lucky Stars essentials set is missing extras because they were on one of the DVD’s only . I think they were mainly the Bandai ones . Original complete Funimation BD/DVD combo is currently $22.99 on Amazon .

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That still begs the question. What about shows that haven’t been released yet?

I know they said all the shows that were co-licensed will get a release (and that seems to be true, as Love Tyrant is getting a release in a few months), but that still worries me to some extent. More specifically for 2 series: Masamune-kun’s Revenge and Hybrid X Heart (Not going to lie about it. Hybrid X Heart is one other show which I own an “Official Malaysian copy” of, since Crunchy only has it censored…)

Baka and Test has that problem as well. All of the extra features except Funi show trailers were on a third DVD Disc or Blu-ray for both season 1 and 2, which were excluded from the S.A.V.E. DVD only release. Which means that for season 2, which only got a Premium Box release, you’ll have to shell out some serious extra dough just to see something that was originally included when it was released :scream:!

I can go through and compare the Lucky Star Funi set to the Bandai discs when I have a little free time. Will post my findings on the Lucky Star thread.


I’m still hoping we get more info from one company or the other about future releases .

I’m good on Baka and Test . Also geez that is going for almost as much as the Monster Musume PBS .

Excuse the dust .

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