Character Story for Princess Resurrection

I have the odd habit of creating characters I would like to add to shows. While watching Princess Resurrection, I wonder who taught Hime how to fight. So I came up with a character that would have served that role. Here is the background story and introduction to Draco.

Phil Cooper cursed his luck again. He didn’t know where he was exactly, but he knew enough that he was not going to get back to the base in time.

“Damn those bastards!”

His ‘fellow’ soldiers got him drunk and ditched him where ever here was. And here was not particularly the best place to be a lone, weaponless American soldier. Here was Japan, 1946, and an American soldier was a foreign occupier that received very mixed responses from the locals.

Why would American soldiers dump one of their own in the middle of possible hostile territory? Phil knew the answer, and people could reasonably guess just by looking at him. Though he had some of his father’s Irish features, his half Navaho heritage from his mother was clear to anyone who looked at him. Some people just could not stand anything different from them. He was different.

Phil joined the army as a code talker and translator. He was adept at languages. He wanted to help his nation. But now he had some concerns.

“Why did I sign that stupid four year deal?”

But there was no use complaining to himself. He looked around the simple country territory. He couldn’t even begin to guess exactly where he was, but the base had to be in the general eastern direction. So he headed that way.

The area was sparsely populated. There were a few farm houses here and there, but they looked nothing like the ones Phil was use too. He saw very few people as well.

“Probably hiding from the devil occupier, not that I blame them for being scared”

He greeted the few locals he saw in Japanese. Their confused looks clearly showed they did not know what to make of him. He did not look Japanese, but he didn’t look like any American to them either. Did the outside world think all American’s look European?

Fortunately, he found out his base was not that far away. He might even be able to make it back before he was in trouble. He began to run. But when he got to a narrow part of the road he was following, he heard something that made him stop. It was a girl screaming.

The area he was now in had several trees and boulders. Although he could not see where the screaming was coming from, it was loud enough to determine the direction. By law, this was not his responsibility.

“Damn conscience, I could never forgive myself.”

He headed towards the screams, but not recklessly. Training was kicking in, and he approached carefully to determine the situation. He eventually got close enough to hear other voices. He crawled over a close by boulder and looked down.

“I have got to be drunk and still asleep!”

He could not believe for a minute what he saw. There was a young woman tied to a boulder. Her clothes were ripped and her body bruised. Surrounding and laughing at her were creatures only from Phil’s nightmares. One looked like a half goat, half gorilla creature. Another was a lizard that had vague humanoid features. One more looked like werewolf. One other person was there. He looked like a man, but Phil didn’t know any blonde Japanese. This man was blonde, with long hair. His clothes looked aristocratic, as did his posture. Beside the man was a basket. What was in the basket Phil couldn’t see, but strange smoke seemed to waft from it. Suddenly, the man turned to Phil, and the blood red irises retracted to open his slit pupils.

“Holy Mother and Great Spirits!”

A calm but deadly voice came from the man, in the Navaho language. “My friend, you are a long way from home.” Then he switched to English. “Or perhaps I should say so in this language?” Then he switched to Japanese. “But for the girl’s sake, I will use this one. Seize him.”

How the werewolf was right next to him when he wasn’t before Phil didn’t know, but his kick caught it by surprise as well. Too bad it didn’t phase the creature in the slightest. Still, Phil dodged its grasp, only to be ensnared by the lizard creatures tail. Phil fought as hard as he could, but with no weapon, and against these creatures, he eventually found himself tied to a boulder next to the girl.

The monsters, rubbing a few bruises, sat around the two of them. The man walked up to Phil and the girl with a sadistic smile.

“So, occupier of this nation. What were you thinking by interrupting me? You have no business here.”

Phil looked at the man with as much disgust as he could muster.

“I heard a girl screaming. I do not ignore those in need of help.”

His Japanese was not the best. But he must have said what he intended correctly, for the young woman reacted. It was a soft moan, possibly of guilt, but Phil turned to look at her and saw she was looking at him. The look she had was a sad one.

“Oh, so you were going to rescue a damsel in distress? Be her prince in shiny armor? Get lucky tonight? I really do not care. She owes me a dept that she cannot pay. I was going to amuse myself with her in order to cancel the debt. How annoying that you came along, managed to bruise my good followers, and spoiled my fun.”

“You sick bastard. And I thought those were monsters. You are proof about judging things by the cover.”

The man laughed hard. It was so long and loud, that he actually nearly lost breathe. He stopped and turned to Phil.

“I think you are the perverted one here. I was not going to amuse myself in THAT manner. How disgusting and beneath me. I was going to do this.”

He pulled an egg from the basket. It was an average sized egg, though the color matched black obsidian. Smoke seemed to come from the shell, though there were no cracks or holes.

“I was going to force her to swallow this. It is an unfertilized obsidian dragon egg. The result was going to be watching her burn from the inside out for over an hour. I am not one to double cross.”

Phil had never seen such a perfect image of evil before. The man was dead serious. He was going to enjoy watching that poor girl be burned alive from the inside out. He had to stop this, but the ropes proved far too much.

“Tell you what foreign invader playing hero. If you swallow the egg, I will let her go, debt paid. If you are smart and tell me have her swallow the egg, I will make you my servant. It is not every day that a mere mortal bruises my followers and tries to save a damsel in distress. But not many people are that foolish either. Think carefully. Oh, I will say, being my servant has many, many rewards.”

Phil could not believe his damn luck. First, he was assigned to the occupying force. Then he was ditched by his fellow soldiers. Now he faces the most bizarre situation he ever encountered with one sick, arrogant fool telling him that if he ordered the death of a young woman he would be the fool’s servant. And as if that would be a good thing.

“Burn me Son of a Bitch. I would rather be cooked alive than here you talk with that snake tongue of yours again.”

The man just shrugged.

“Your loss.”

With a simple hand gesture, the man commanded the werewolf to release the girl. The man then walked up to Phil holding the egg. The girl tried to run, but the werewolf held her back.

“Oh no, young lady. You get to watch your debt be paid to me.”

Phil struggled against the ropes, but there was nothing he could do. The goat/gorilla came up and forced his mouth open. The man smiled and shoved the egg in.

“No way I can swallow that thing!”

Phil’s thought proved wrong, for suddenly he did. How, he could not say, but he felt it going down his throat. Then he felt the fire. The burning in his chest was unreal. He felt his flesh from the inside starting to melt. And then he screamed.

The man just stood back and smiled. The girl stood motionless, unable to cry or move. The monsters seemed not to care.

“Now this is entertaining. You should be more thankful to this hero young lady. Cry a little, or something. He is paying off your debt for…”

A sound came from Phil that was not his own. It was soft, but definitely a sound of something non human. The sound of a dragon, a baby dragon, screaming in agony, escaped from Phil’s own mouth.

“I told you to make sure none were fertile!”

The man now looked panicked, and he looked towards the sky with a face of growing horror. The monsters jumped up and looked as well.

“You! Get the eggs away from here! Far away! Do it NOW!”

The goat/gorilla looked scared, as impossible as it seemed. It grabbed the basket and disappeared from the area.

“Shut him up NOW!”

The werewolf looked confused. Flames were emanating from Phil’s mouth now, and his body glowed from the heat. To touch him would be risking setting oneself on fire. Then Phil heard a voice, both young and old at the same time. In spoke in a language unknown to him, but he understood all the same.

“So it was a young prince of the Royal Family that killed me. Damn him. If I could I would tear his flesh and roast him right now.”

All Phil could feel was pain. The flames were cooking him alive, and his body was becoming nothing more than charred flesh, yet he still lived. Somehow, the voice answered the unasked question.

“I am the dragon in the egg human. I have the full memories of my entire heritage imprinted on me. None of my kind are truly young in spirit. Just in flesh. But now I will never experience the life of flesh. I still have power though, plenty of power.”

It seemed impossible, but the pained worsened. Phil’s flesh seemed to crawl with flames that burned even hotter than before. He felt his flesh turn into fire itself.

“I curse you human. Not in a malevolent way against you, but in a means to an end for me. I am going to destroy your body and make one anew with my power. My soul is already leaving this realm, but yours shall remain. Take revenge for me. Take it for yourself. This is the eternal flame of the dragon. It will not make you immortal, but you can heal yourself indefinitely with it. You might even learn to use it for limited magic. The only cost to you will be pain, constant burning and never dulling pain. Now arise, take vengeance, and good bye, firebird.”

Phil came to himself. Only his mother called him firebird. How did that voice get so far into his head that he learned that confounded him. Then he realized, the pain had lessened, but the fire from within was still there. Phil opened his eyes, and then roared.

His body was not human anymore. It retained a basic humanoid shape, but instead of skin there were black scales. Claws extended from his fingers and toes. He could see his mouth came out as an alligators or dog’s does, but not quite. Instinctively, he knew he had the face of a dragon now. The ropes broke easily.

The werewolf jumped back, not sure whether to attack or flee. The lizard thing just stood and looked dumb founded. Phil reached out and grabbed it, and before the thing reacted, Phil simply twisted the creatures head around. The limp body fell to the ground. Phil looked at, opened his mouth, and released some of the burning inside. Flames enveloped the body, and Phil swore he saw a blue fire die out from under his dark crimson breath.


The werewolf moved in between the shouting man and Phil. After a brief second of indecision, the creature grabbed his master and fled. Phil spread his wings.

“Holy Mother and Great Spirit! I got wings! He is not getting away.”

His tail cracked like a whip, another surprise. And then he flew. It was awkward, but some instinctive knowledge must have been given to him, for he did manage. The werewolf barely had time to throw his master out of harm’s way when Phil landed on it, his jaws encompassing the creatures head with a trap of teeth and flames. The head came off, and Phil spat it away. Again, he swore he saw a blue flame die in its charred remains.

The man could not stand. His face was utterly panic stricken. He was speaking to himself in a delirium.

“Impossible! Impossible! Nothing can burn out the flame of life, nothing! This isn’t real. You cannot be a dragon! There is no such thing as a dragon man! You abomination! You are not real, you cannot kill …”

The burning inside escaped Phil’s mouth once more, and the flames burned so hot and fast that the man didn’t even make sound before he became ash. The anger that drove the flames died down. Pain struck hard, burning every cell in his body. It was unbearable. The ground rushed up to meet him.

He awoke later. The girl stood beside him. She was clothed now, with material unfamiliar to Phil. Suddenly he realized he was on the ground. Slowly he got up, though not elegantly with the new body. The burning was strong within him, but the pain had lessened. She smiled at him. Then he saw the person standing next to her. Though slightly different, it was another man just like before. A growl escaped his throat before he realized he could do such a thing.

The man stepped back slightly, though did not show the slightest bit of fear.

“Relax, friend. For you are a friend of mine. You destroyed a rival of mine. But more importantly, you saved my servant’s life with extraordinary gallantry and at a considerable cost. I cannot thank you enough.”

He bowed to Phil. This one’s demeanor was as aristocratic as the other man’s, but where the other seemed to be arrogant, he was truly just princely. Some instinct told Phil that the man spoke the truth. Short flames sprouted from his nostrils as he slightly snorted in a laugh.

“You can thank me by undoing this.”

The man’s face grew sad, and Phil could guess what was coming.

“I do not fully understand how this occurred to you. Dragons do not go into the mortal realm anymore, and even the Royal Family does not interact much with them. My brother stealing even infertile eggs from them will bring several repercussions. I cannot undo what has happened to you. However, as I just discovered in helping you awaken, I might be able to help with the pain.”

Phil looked over the man again. He was still speaking the truth, but concern grew in Phil. So the other guy was his brother. And he said something about a Royal Family? He leaned over more to hear what the man had to say. He might as well see where this was going.

“First I thought you were dead. So I, uh, used the flame of life on you. Too late I realized you were actually still alive. The flame of life being placed into a living person usually results in instant and permanent death. Thankfully, you actually seemed to absorb it and recover faster.”

Phil’s eyes must have shown his current thought for the man took another step back. Phil grumbled. His own voice had become alien to him now.

“Maybe not so fortunate for you, sir, unless you explain why you were trying to bring me back from the dead and nearly truly killing me to do so.”

“Ah, well, if I did bring you back, you would have been bound to me as a servant. And you have well earned the position of being the highest servant the Royal family has ever had. I am sorry, it was selfish of me.”

He added the last part as Phil began to advance on him, his claws slowly reaching out. The young woman stepped in front of the man, her eyes pleading Phil to stop. He did so. The man eased her away.

“I am truly sorry. I know your culture is a bit different from ours, and I can see the insult now. It was wrong to try to force such an entrapment on you. If you truly feel the need to kill me, I cannot stop you.”

Phil sighed to himself. He could not believe any of this still. But he just now realized he had killed three, people, today. He had never actually taken a life before. What was burning inside him had changed him more than he realized, and he was going to take control of himself.

“I am not going to kill anyone without a truly just cause. Misguided your thinking was, but you did not mean harm.”

The man lost his princely manner for a brief second. The look he had was one of amazement.

“Sir, let me help you. The flame of life seems to temper the eternal flame within you. I can give you the flame of life continuously, if you would serve me. The honor of your service will be paid in more ways than you could imagine.”

“Serve you like they served him? I will not do anything against my conscience. I am not a MONSTER!”

The roar came out from him. He did not mean to roar, but the truth was hitting harder than ever now. He was a monster. His life, as he had known it, was over. Anger crept up within him, and the burning grew stronger. Yet he felt another flame within him, cooling that same fire in a manner that he could not understand.

“No, your soul is not a monster’s. I can see that clearly. Very well, I shall do something unheard of. I will make a contract with you, great Sir. You will be a voluntary servant. We will hammer out what I cannot order you to do. If I ever truly try to make you behave in a manner such as the ones you slew, you will have every right to kill me. But in exchange for the flame of life, you will protect me, and my people with that flaming heart of yours. You will not become a soldier of the flame, but the Flame Soldier.”

The woman came over to Phil and held his arm. She flinched slightly, surprised at how warm it was.

“Thank you. You saved me. I will always be grateful, Draconix.”

Phil finally noticed how beautiful she was, but that only brought him pain. He no longer would be capable of having a relationship with a woman, and the fact he never truly had one struck him hard. The man looked at the woman with a bit of surprise.

“What did you call him? Don’t answer that. I heard. Don’t call him that again. Draco would do.”

Phil cocked his head back again towards the man. With the woman still holding his arm, he considered his options.

“Let’s talk contract then. Over a diner. My life has just changed forever, might as well find something to do.”