Decided to stick with big o as my avatar until get tired of it


see some of you guys and girls avatars havent changed recently
but goin to have the anime big o be my good first impression

ok you guys and girls stay cool this summer beat that heat


wasnt goin to post in this old thing but if you want see it its here


Pretty sure I’m gonna stay with Squiddie through Mid-November. You probably already know why. :wink:

You’ve been multiple Rogers, and now Dorothy. Will you consider Norman the butler, Angel, or Alex Rosewater? Maybe even one of the Bigs!


yes will be havin different characters on my avatar

but you wont know when im switching them its goin to be a mystery :grinning:


I’m the type that doesn’t change their avatar often.

And I have my Mii as my avatar at another forum I go to actually.


Elma will do for me right now, I’ve used others on various forums and here. On the audiokarma forum I have Haruhi as my avatar.


On a classic TV of course.

Mark Gosdin