Did new anime replace your favourite old anime?

I love to watch animes and my favourite animes are Pokemon, ChinChan and Dragonballz. It’s been 5 years now I am watching them and new anime didn’t replace them or made me feel like to watch them continuously. I am curious to know that, you guys also have your favourite anime but did new anime replace the old one or made you feel like to watch them continuously?

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I hear ya.

Once upon a time Kenshin used to be my favorite samurai anime. Then it was replaced by Champloo. Now it’s a toss up between Sword of the Stranger and Bakumatsu.
While I still like those earlier shows, they’re just not my go-to samurai show today. And if I want my Kenshin fix, I’ll just watch the OVA that’s come out thru the years: all the fun and action but without the long, drawn out battles and fillers.

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Yeah it happens at times. Some get replaced. Some don’t.