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ANN Review - Magical Star Magical Emi Streaming

by Rebecca Silverman, Jun 5th 2022

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Genocyber Wants to Break You

by Matthew Roe, Jun 24th 2022

Discotek Launches New Toku Time Label for Tokusatsu Shows

posted on 2022-07-30 22:00 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Label’s 1st releases are Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds, Space Sheriff Gavan

Discotek Licenses Machine Robo: The Running Battlehackers Anime, More

posted on 2022-07-30 22:00 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda

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Powerful man wants to rule the school… but it’s filled with morons :joy: | Cromartie High School (2003)

Check Out Ryo VA Takeshi Kusao’s Samurai Troopers 2nd OP Theme 2022 Version Music Video

August 16, 2022 7:10pm CDT
The two 2022 version songs are available digitally worldwide

RetroCrush Streams Cyber City Oedo 808 OVA

posted on 2022-10-01 03:50 EDT by Adriana Hazra
Streaming service also streams anime’s English dub

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Cyber City Oedo 808 - Opening | “Burning World: Tsuioku no Commando” by Hidemi Miura

Discotek Announces December Releases

posted on 2022-10-08 00:10 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins

December 27, 2022

  • the English-dubbed version of the Digimon Adventure anime
  • the Project A-ko 3: Cinderella Rhapsody OVA
  • the Machine Robo: Battle Hackers television anime
  • the live-action Female Yakuza Tale: Inquisition and Torture film.
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That last one sounds like a really fun date night movie…

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