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Do we really need voice actors?

i could think of no other place to put this since it isn’t TAN specific, though it is a former ADV member, but while i hate having to read a TV, do we really need voice actors anymore?

I an seriously considering throwing away my Devil Hunter Yohko complete set with the ADV logo on it after seeing this.

I know there is controversies going on and such, but this behavior is totally uncalled for and unwarranted.

since this person was a former ADV player if this is more appropriate in the AN shows section or another thread then please move it.

I know i am in the minority anyway where anime is concerned, and most people prefer subs to dubs, but these voice actors today are just getting way out of hand.

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What, that they’re human just like anyone else?

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no, that someone would say that for any reason to someone. was she high on her marijuana for kids from making her youtube videos?

remember Bambi, and Thumper’s mother “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say nothing at all”

there is a point when you stop playing stupid games and learn people are people. she could have blocked the person rather than respond, or just not respond rather than say [yes go ahead and commit suicide].

there is a line that needs to be drawn in this behavior, and that line is crossed for me when someone tells someone else to kill themselves.

as an adult Lee should be responsible enough to BE an adult and learn what is the right things to say and what isn’t. Twitter is a cesspool to begin with but this is no way to respond to anyone.