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How come AKB0048 has some dubbed songs, but Love Live have none at all?

I was always wondering, how was Sentai Filmworks able to do dub some of the singing (mostly minor ones) for AKB0048, but at no point in the Love Live/Love Live Sunshine anime (dubbed version) was any kind of singing dubbed, including brief a Capella ones? I know the Japanese companies especially are strict on letting their songs for anime idol series be dubbed/sung by anyone other than the original Japanese VAs in order to promote the idols outside of Japan.

I’ve been wondering what the difference was? (AKB0048 VS Love Live School Idol Project) Was one production committee more lenient than the other in letting some minor singing get dubbed? I wonder if anyone can explain.

I’m afraid that I have no information on that since Love Live! is not a Sentai title. That would be a question for NIS America, since they licensed the show.

I’m not sure how they be able to answer the questions on the NISA forums comparing the two shows. In terms of AKB0048, I wonder how they were able to dub some singing, but not others? That I always wondered myself.

Don’t want to blog to Funimation anymore about Love Live Sunshine because they already lost their patience with me, and are now being nasty to me.


Look, you’ve already had this question answered on the Funimation forums and you’ve asked the same questions here… The answers will not change just because you are asking elsewhere. It’s on a case by case basis and is determined by cost and if the production committee allows them to do it. In AKB0048’s case any “Official” concert performance was in Japanese, The tryout scenes and some of the practice sessions or the characters singing for fun were done in English (Not an Official performance) Even some of the non concert performances were done in Japanese because it was the full song.being sung. by the group.

You keep asking the same questions, getting the same answers, yet still keep asking the question. You’re not going to get an Official answer from Funimation, Sentai Filmworks or NIS America like you want because there’s no official guideline they follow, it’s on a case by case basis determined by cost and what the production committee allows them to do.

Which by the way, is the same answer you got over on the Funimation Forums

I didn’t know you blog on these forums as well. If spaceman hardy was a moderator here as well, this topic would have been locked. I hate these gag orders, and people being disrespectful to me of my opinion.

Compared to AKB0048, how come in Love Live, even the most minor bit of singing was not dubbed?

Question asked and answered - twice. Locking this now.