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Favorite Anime Quotes


“I know that he’s alive…… I know that Eren’s alive! No matter where she goes, I’ll kill her, rip her apart, and get you out of that filth. I’m sorry, Eren…… Just wait a little longer……”

Mikasa - Attack on Titan (ep 21)


“The fool will spend his money on worthless things. The wise will spend his money to better himself. A man’s worth can be measured by how he spends his money.”

Great-granny – Silver Spoon (ep 8)


Yui: “I realize that you may be a bad person. But I will teach you true love!”

Keima: “It’s not true love if we’re both cross-dressing!”

Yui: “Don’t worry…… Love will overcome all.”

The World God Only Knows: Goddesses (ep 3)

Vulcanus: “It boggles my mind…… Why is Tsukiyo attracted to this dirty, disgusting, unknown quantity of a man?”

Keima: “Everyone’s a hater!”

The World God Only Knows: Goddesses (ep 5)

Keima: “I hate the idea of being saved by a heroine!”

Yui: “You shouldn’t say that. Girls are supposed to protect weak boys.”

The World God Only Knows: Goddesses (ep 5)

“A man who’s simply a perverted freak is one thing, but there’s no hope for a perverted freak that can’t keep promises.”

Shiori - The World God Only Knows: Goddesses (ep 6)

“I don’t get you, Katsuragi……You’re a selfish womanizer who hates women…… Stupid and dumb, smart and sneaky, cold and gentle, kind and mean, dishonest and honest…… But I trust you. So……Say you love me! If you say those words, I’ll believe you. Do you love me?”

Ayumi - The World God Only Knows: Goddesses (ep 11)

[spoiler]“You are my first heroine, and my final heroine. Will you marry me?”

Keima - The World God Only Knows: Goddesses (ep 11)[/spoiler]


“There are all sorts of goodbyes. There are sad goodbyes, and sometimes goodbyes you’re thankful for, that take a load off your mind. If often happens that someone you say good bye to unexpectedly returns, all self-conscious. Then there are times when, anticipating that, you put up the front of a short goodbye, only to have them not return so soon. And then there are goodbyes that last forever, true goodbyes that only happen once in your life.”

Yasaburo - The Eccentric Family (ep 10)


Najica: “Your suit fell down.”

Lila: “It got caught on something on the way up.”

Najica: “I have a rule. Ladies wear clothes.”

Lila: “All right then.”

Najica Blitz Tactics (ep 5)


Ruri: “You know, you’re a very cruel person, Megumi.”

Megumi: “Am I?”

Ruri: “Yes, you are.”

Megumi: “I am?”

Ruri: “Yes, you are.”

Megumi: “I am?”

Ruri: “Yes, you are.”

Megumi: “You know, I am what I am.”

Martian Successor Nadesico (ep 5)


Yamagami: “Huh? You’re sleeping on the floor? Why?”

Chihaya: “Because I’ll sleep soundly on my bed, with my pillow, and I won’t be able to wake up.” (looks at Yamagami’s chest) “I miss my pillow.” (falls onto Yamagami’s chest)

Yamagami: “Must be rough……”

Chihaya (caresses Yamagami’s chest): “My fluffy pillow……”

Miyoshi: “Chihaya-san, that’s not a pillow.”

Servant x Service (ep 12)

Yamagami: “You don’t cook?”

Hasebe: “Well, I can, but it’s too much trouble to cook. And I don’t have any cooking utensils anyway.”

Yamagami: “What? Not even a knife?”

Hasebe: “It’d hurt if I got stabbed.”

Yamagami: “Are you doing something at home that would warrant you being stabbed by someone?”

Servant x Service (ep 8)

Toko: “Yes? Chihaya.”

Chihaya: “Hello. I was bored, so I’m using you as my plaything. Toko-san.”

Toko: “Did you just say you’re using me?”

Chihaya: “I didn’t.”

Servant x Service (ep 7)


Riko: “The abbreviation sounds like “Waki”, which means …… “armpit”. Come to think of it, you called me that before…… Suzu-chan, is that how you see me?”

Suzu: “N-No! I think your armpits are wonderful! I only hope to have armpits like yours someday! That’s not what I meant!”

Love Lab (ep 8)


I’ll hit you so hard your brains will go inside-out!

–Author & Source Unknown


“The beach is just…… a gathering of perverts showing skin in public!”

Tomoko - WATAMOTE (ep 8)

“Relying on others only brings unnecessary pain.”

Tomoko - WATAMOTE (ep 8)


“Humankind had always looked to the stars, to the heavens for answers. Sometimes you didn’t like what you found. And while the galaxy revealed few answers, it was more than willing to confront you with new questions.”

Cortana – Halo Legends – Origins II


“My dad told me that I should make my dreams come true, even if I had to build a mountain of corpses to do so.”

Fino - I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job. (ep 2)

“I really don’t understand how demons view chastity at all……”

Raul - I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job. (ep 1)


Ayato: “Why are you running? I’ve been holding it in ever since yesterday. Let me suck you.”

Yui: “Please don’t.”

Ayato: “Your skin looks delicious, without any fang marks. Yours Truly is going to take your very first experience.”

Diabolik Lovers (ep 2)

Ayato: “Stupid. Surely you can tell it will hurt worse if you move like that. Your tears and that look of pain on your face really do it for me.”

Yui: “Please stop it.”

Ayato: “Like hell.”

Diabolik Lovers (ep 2)

“Now, tell me that I’m the best. Tell me I’m better than anyone else, and that you belong to me.”

Ayato (to Yui) - Diabolik Lovers (ep 2)


“Candy tastes like happiness. When you lick it, flowers bloom in your mouth.”

Hinata/Hotaru Kagura - H2O: ~Footprints in the Sand~


“I can see… the Ending!”

Keima Katsuragi - The World God Only Knows


Have to put this Outbreak Company quote in spoilers…

Shinchi: I’m just glad Myucel is doing better than I thought. She’s doing so well, I almost thought we skipped an episode.

Outbreak Company Ep.4


“I’m not scared of anything anymore. We’re not caged birds. We are the great wings protecting this planet!”

Sugane – Gatchaman Crowds (ep 10)

“You better be waiting for me! Go, Bird!”

“I’ll light a flame…… ……in this dark world!”

Jou – Gatchaman Crowds (ep 10)

“Don’t mess with me! I…… I am the leader…… of the Gatchaman, protectors of this planet!”

“Berg-Katze is nothing to fear! Bow down before my courageous wings! Go, Bird!”

Paiman – Gatchaman Crowds (ep 10)


You can fight to save the world, but you cannot get more than half of the world to agree.

–Author & Source Unknown


“But the worlds you found were never enough. Never enough to satisfy the age old instincts. Speed and distance did nothing to separate you from your nature. Old resentments, ancient squabbles reemerged. History began its terrible repetition and, once again, man fought man. Like a virus, war was always lurking inside you. No matter how hard you tried to suppress it, it just fought harder to get out. It always got out.”

Cortana – Halo Legends – Origins II


“Kidnappers targeted you because all three of you lack aspirations.”

Sylvia Ferrari - Galilei Donna (ep1)