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Favorite Anime Quotes


Akihito: “If I had to guess…… Is it love?! How wonderful! To be loved by a girl who looks great in any glasses!”

Mitsuki: “This is why I don’t touch perverts’ delusions of grandeur.”

Beyond the Boundary (ep 1)


Goto: “Is curry still big in sentai superhero shows?”

Masayoshi: “No, but the tradition continues.”

Samurai Flamenco (ep 3)


“Yeah, because…… a great day starts with great underwear.”

Nayu – Chu Bra


Mirōku: Sitting next to Sangō… I presume you must be worried about your younger brother?

Sangō: Yes… I am.

Mirōku: It’s easier said than done, but don’t worry yourself too much.

Sangō: Huh?

Mirōku: I understand what you’re going through.

Sangō: Hmmm…

Mirōku: Gets up to leave… You’d probably rather be left alone I suppose.

Sangō: Huh? You mean… is that all?

Mirōku: Huh?

Sangō: It’s just… I’ve come to know what you’re like. I thought after you giving me the encouragement, you would try something lecherous.

Mirōku: Smiles and kneels down… Hmmm… Songō listen. Places hand on Sangō’s chest… You should have told me sooner if that’s what you wanted.

Sangō: SMACK!

Mirōku: Mirōku cries out in stunned pain.

Meanwhile in the distance…

Kaede: Oh my…

Shippō: Oh, nice contact on that one!

InuYasha: Disturbed voice… Everyone is crazy around here!

[size=4]Mirōku, Sangō, Kaede, Shippō & InuYasha – InuYasha[/size]


“No one has been saved by their belief.”

Raito – Diabolik Lovers (ep 4)


Kagetsu: “Once words leave the mouth…… their meaning is changed and lost forever.”

Tiara: “Even the truth has to be put to words for it to have meaning.”

Shamanic Princess (ep 4)

“Truth or lie…… They both have the same value. It took me a long time to understand that”

Throne of Yord - Shamanic Princess (ep 4)


Kazusa: “This is horrible. Ever since you talked me into joining the Light Music Club, all these horrible things have been happening to me!”

Haruki (just saw Kazusa coming out of the shower): “No, it’s okay, Touma. It’s canceled out by all the wonderful things that have been happening to me.”

Kazusa: “Shut up!”

White Album (ep 4)


Instead of feeling alone in a group, it’s better to have real solitude all by yourself.

Faye – Cowboy Bebop


Yukina: “Then why did you do something so indecent to me first?”

Kojou: “That wasn’t indecent! I have to make certain preparations before consuming blood…… L-Like getting aroused……”

Yukina: “So you’re saying you used me as a fluffer?”

Kojou: “No! I just had you help me out a little……”

Strike the Blood (ep 4)


“The joust is like a good woman. Once you fall in love, you’ll never forget her.”

James - Walkure Romanze (ep 5)

Celia: “In jousting, winning is not everything. In defeat, one may gain greater wisdom than any victory might reveal.”

Lisa: “No. Winning is everything.”

Walkure Romanze (ep 5)


Ryuko: “You bastard, what club do you belong to?”

Tsumugu: “Take off your clothes.”

Ryuko: “Huh? What kind of thing is that to say?! I know, you’re from the Pervert Club! You’re from the Pervert Club, aren’t you? The way you’re built, you’ve GOT to be in the Pervert Club.”

Kill la Kill (ep 5)

“I’ll be back…… to strip you tomorrow.”

Tsumugu Kinagase – Kill la Kill (ep 5)


Melda Ditz (Garmilas Pilot) and Akira Yamamoto (Yamato Pilot) are struggling over Akira’s Laser Pistol in the Yamato’s Negotiation Room, at the end of the fight Melda comes up with the gun pointing it at Akira

Melda: “You’re a pilot, right?” (Puts the safety on the gun and flips it around, handing it to Akira)

           "We don't need this thing between us."

Yamato: 2199 Ep.10


“The stronger my enemy is, the more excited I get.”

Raul - I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job. (ep 6)


“To a vampire, murder is the ultimate way to confess your love. You wield the finality that can end the life of an immortal. Do you know it feels to love someone so much you hate them?”

Raito – Diabolik Lovers (ep 6)

“I love the look on your face. It’s wonderful. I wonder why faces twisted in fear excite me so much?”

Kanato – Diabolik Lovers (ep 6)

“You would be so beautiful as a silent corpse.”

Kanato – Diabolik Lovers (ep 6)

“You are a pathetic and foolish sacrifice, so you must take the pain given to you with honor. If a deeper pleasure is what you desire, then fumble and cling to it, if you can. As your reward, I will cut you harder with my whip.”

Reiji – Diabolik Lovers (ep 5)


Yoshiwara: “Chocolat-san? What a wonderful name. I’ve never met a girl as beautiful as you. This is love at first sight. I’m not asking for marriage. Let’s start by making babies.”

Kanade: “There’s something wrong with that order!”

My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy (ep 5)


We must first embrace our fate before we can master our destiny.

–Author & Source Unknown


“Amongst the perfume of beautiful roses, blooming in wild abandon…… ……I learn of my own fate. I met them as though drawn to them…… ……by the threads of fate. They are vampires, hungry for blood and desire. Something within me begins to become unhinged…… ……and begins to awaken. There is no longer anywhere to run.”

Yui – Diabolik Lovers (ep6.5)


Elbia: “I’m really am sorry. When that time of the month comes, I always lose control.”

Shinichi: “Yeah, I was shocked……”

Minori: “You mean you go into heat or something?”

Elbia: “Yes. When the full moon’s out, I become more animalistic, and all kinds of desires grow stronger. It becomes harder to fight my instincts and……”

Shinichi: “Huh? Then, the reason you’ve been acting strange is……”

(Elbia nods)

Shinichi: “Not because of Bahailam or anything?”

Elbia: “Huh? What does Bahailam have to do with anything?”

Outbreak Company (ep 5)

Galius: “Fear not Shinichi.”

Shinichi: “Huh?!”

Galius: “I am not “the kind of guy who’ll go after normals, too.”

*Shinichi (to himself): “I’d like to believe you’re using that phrase without knowing its meaning……”
Outbreak Company (ep 5)



“One who relies overly on a single skill will be brought low by that very same skill, huh?”

Mikisugi – Kill la Kill (ep 6)