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Favorite Anime Quotes


The heart is frail when alone, however if two come together… they become strong as diamonds.

–Author & Source Unknown


“Samurai Flamenco is the manifestation of universal and absolute justice. When faced with danger, he will never give up. When the going gets tough, he will never run and hide. He will never lose to any foe. When evil is loose, he will never accept it. His energy is infinite. His presence is eternal. His territory is the entire world. And he seeks no reward. Samurai Flamenco fights only for justice. He has the power to do so, the ability to do so, and the companions to enable it. Born from the strength of a samurai and the passion of flamenco…… Samurai Flamenco. ”

Daisuke Hazama – Samurai Flamenco (ep 5)

“Whether it’s reality or fiction, superheroes aren’t what I’d thought.”

Masayoshi – Samurai Flamenco (ep 5)


“What do you want from me? What do you expect from someone as powerless, hideous and polluted as I am?”

Subaru to Yui – Diabolik Lovers (ep 8)

“Good. Just be quiet and allow my fangs to enter you. Always.”

Subaru to Yui – Diabolik Lovers (ep 8)


Fiona: “Oh, it’s the perv upperclassmen! You followed us here, didn’t you?! You stalker!”

Takahiro: “No, I live here.”

Fiona: “You live here?! You knew we’d come here to eat tarts, so you moved here?! That’s creepy. You must be a professional stalker!”

Takahiro: “That was out there.”

Walkure Romanze (ep 6)


“Yes! When you score a goal, you whip your shirts off and hug each other! Yes, I love it!”

Minori – Outbreak Company (ep 6)


“Most human beings are hideous and filled with greed. The reprehensible ones taint the others’ dignity. They will devour, consume, and kill them. They do not deserve to live. No, they must die. They must be killed…… By someone. By someone…… By someone…… By me.

Roberto - Galilei Donna (ep 6)


Kanade: “Y-You’re not going to keep your promise?”

Reikadou: “No promise made with trash like you is worth keeping.”

My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy (ep 6)

“For Pete’s sake! It’s not silicone you have in your chest, but eroge, isn’t it?!”

Kanade (to Reikadou) - My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy (ep 6)

Chocolat: “All girls like cute things and homos.”

Kanade: “The creatures called girls who put those two together terrify me……”

My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy (ep 6)


Yana: “What’s “OMG”?”

Banri: “Oh, My Guts are failing me?”

2D-kun: “Osha-Mambe Government?”

Golden Time (ep 7)


Samurai Flamenco: “But a true superhero…… Samurai Flamenco will fight on —“

Harazuka: “Your passion is not enough! Without the force to back it, justice is hollow…… You need special weapons.”

Samurai Flamenco: “Special weapons?”

Samurai Flamenco (ep 6)

*“First Masayoshi, and now this girl…… Why do weirdos keep flocking to me?” *

Goto - Samurai Flamenco (ep 6)

“Samurai Flamenco is the protector of anyone who seeks to live in peace. He will take on any foe that tries to disturb this peace.”

Daisuke Hazama – Samurai Flamenco (ep 6)


Sayaka (catches Kojou staring at her wet clothes): “Huh? Akatsuki Kojou!”

Kojou (takes off jacket): “S-Sorry. Here.” (hands jacket to Sayaka)

Sayaka: “If I put on a jacket saturated with your perverted fluids, I’ll end up pregnant.”

Kojou (still holding out jacket): “No, you won’t!”

Sayaka: “Besides…… I couldn’t do that to Yukina.”

Kojou: “Himeragi has nothing to do with this.” (drapes jacket over her shoulders)

Strike the Blood (ep 8)


Knight: “We should settle who’s the wife and who’s the mistress.”

Maoyu Ep.7


Haruki: “Do you not mind spending the night with a guy, either?”

Kazusa: “A guy, sure, but I’m not interested in a taken guy who’s only here to carry our luggage.”

Haruki: “That’s really mean.”

White Album 2 (ep 8)


Shinichi: “It’s an event to hand out the CDs and Blu-rays that were pre-ordered. You get a chance to talk to the voice actress of one of the main heroines! That’s the one with the raw photo of her in bloomers I tried to reserve…… Lucky guys.”

Myucel: “Um, if you don’t mind it being me, I could give you a raw photo of me in bloomers.”

Shinichi: “Huh? Really?!”

Myucel: “Yes!”

Shinichi (to himself): “Does she understand what she’s saying?!”

Outbreak Company (ep 7)


Dandy: Where did we warp to?

QT: Analyzing… *Prints out info sheet*

Dandy: *Grabs and reads info sheet*… I can’t read circle!

[size=16]Dandy & QT – Space Dandy[/size]


[quote=“LadyOfWicca” post=153841]“No one has been saved by their belief.”

Raito – Diabolik Lovers (ep 4)[/quote]

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would disagree with that statement…;


Fino: “The boss was saying that since it’s my first time, you should be the one to kindly show me how it’s done, since you have so much experience.”

Raul: “What are you talking about?!”

Fino: “Shopping.”

I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job. (ep 9)

Fino: “I was so excited after that, I couldn’t go to sleep.”

Raul: “E-Excited about what exactly?”

Fino: “The shopping.”

I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job. (ep 9)


“Shiroe makes the devil himself look meek and mild. The devil knows he’s a bad boy, but Shiroe doesn’t. The nickname “Villain in Glasses” is too generous.”

Henrietta – Log Horizon (ep 9)


Amaterasu “You Shall be married off to some god”

Uka “Not That.”

Amaterasu “It’s not like we see any prospects on your horizon. Good or otherwise.”

Uka “B-B-B-But we love someone! Two someones! They just can’t seem to make it off the paper or Screen somehow!”

  • Uka is a goddess who reads manga and plays dating sims.*

Inari, KonKon, Koi Iroha Ep. 2


Shane Gooseman: “Destiny is not a matter of chance, It’s a matter of choice!”

Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers Ep. “Chained”


“How is this “proof you’re a winner who’s seized freedom”? It’s more like you’re a loser living in the shadows.”

Petralka – Outbreak Company (ep 8)