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For now that I have alot more time on my hands, and for those who don't know me already


I’m Yusaku Godai, or you can call me by my real name Peter. I’m one of the original members and was on here alot at one point and time. Then I kind of returned every now and then for a month or so. Reasons for that, is the thing called life. Now it seems I have alot more free time on my hand considering my current job is more relaxing and I can be on the computer more often for things I enjoy. But anyway, nice to meet all of you, and to see all of you who I already know. I see alot has changed since I was last here, and I must say the new look is pretty snazzy.


In my opinion the new look blows. But don’t tell the higher ups I said so. Welcome back 'n stuff.


Heyyy, another oldbie, what a coincidence. :silly:

Welcome back Yusaku.


Thanks to the both of you. :slight_smile:


Deja vu to last year lol. Welcome back. Do post!


Hey dude, remember your TCG forum? That guy who always wanted to shank people freaked me right out.


Get you some of that TAN! Nice to have ya back.


WElcome back to TAN forums, tykes!


Thank you all. And hentai, what guy are you talking about? :dry:


I forget his handle, I think it may have had something to do with shadows. Also, I think he was from Britain, and he would sometimes join chats with you, me, and Alitadark.


Hentai wrote:

She hasn’t been on in a while right? You must be going bonkers Hentai.


She was on in May, just after we went live with this new forum, but she hasn’t been back.


PretearHimeno wrote:

[quote]Hentai wrote:

She hasn’t been on in a while right? You must be going bonkers Hentai.[/quote]

I talk to her everyday.

Nah, I’m talking about 3 years ago.


The shadows part rings a bell. I remember Ryan, and this shadows fellow were the ones that got in and sabotaged the original Tcg Mania site. Now It’s greatly irritating me that I’m not able to remember what the full screen name of the shadows fellow is.


Ah, you have CRS too. It’s a horrible malady, isn’t it?


Actually I think his username may have been DarkZero. Sounds right.


That was the original name yes. But It was changed to something else later on. I believe you were close with the whole shadow thing.


Shadowhand. Yes this is Alita. Yes I’m on another account.
New setup they have sucks balls and it’s super glitchy so I can’t sign on to the 'ol account.


Wecome back. I’m still here,somewhat


Eh I’m making my annual stop into the forum and man oh man, the changes they’ve made to this site, thus far, don’t seem too beneficial.