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A user over at The Fandom Post has made a FUNimation License Status Master Chart.

Note: Not 100% complete yet.

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Funimaniacs - IGN Anime Club OVA 1

Funimation’s Justin Rojas joins IGN Anime Club to discuss Funimation’s history with Dragon Ball, dating sims, and the challenges of dubbing a simulcasted anime series.
Holy SHIT, the @FUNimation website is the biggest HOT MESS I’ve ever seen. It’s utterly unusable.
@p_cucumbers Don’t worry we’re working on redesigning everything! Stay tuned for big updates!

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[size=16]Fall Simulcast Season Is Heating Up![/size]
Posted by Godswill on 09/08/2015 at 5:43pm

###Sunrise Makes January Robot TV Anime Buddy Complex
posted on 2013-12-01 12:15 EST
2 boys’ chance encounter alters fate of the world in “traditional robot action” anime

Buddy Complex - Blu-ray/DVD Combo - Coming Soon

###Harmony Anime Film’s Theatrical Preview Streamed
posted on 2015-09-11 08:45 EDT
2 of 3 total Project Itoh films to open in Japan in November, December

###Funimation: Anime Fan Survey
Sep 10, 2015

[size=16]FUNimation December 2015 Solicitations[/size]
(Funimation Links)

Fairy Tail Part Eighteen Blu-ray & DVD - 12/1/2015

Haganai Season One - Anime Classics Blu-ray & DVD - 12/8/2015
Riddle Story of Devil The Complete Series - Limited Edition DVD - 12/8/2015

Daimidaler The Complete Series Blu-ray & DVD - 12/15/2015
One Piece Season Seven, Voyage Four DVD - 12/15/2015

RightStuf Links

Daimidaler Blu-ray/DVD
Fairy Tail Part 18 Blu-ray/DVD
Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends Blu-ray/DVD Anime Classics
One Piece Season 7 Part 4 DVD Uncut
Riddle Story of Devil Limited Edition DVD
Riddle Story of Devil DVD

Really Funi? No Date A Live II?

[quote=“Series5Ranger, post:840, topic:191, full:true”]
Really Funi? No Date A Live II?[/quote]
There is speculation that this isn’t the whole line-up.

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Maybe sales of the first season weren’t stellar enough to make season 2 top priority. It’ll come out eventually…when they have time between their bigger shows to work on it.

Keep in mind, it is a Kadokawa title.
With Chaika solicited and now Riddle Story of Devil, that still leaves 2 more Kadokawa Spring 2014 titles not yet solicited.
Sentai still has 1 left for that season, as does FUNi now (Dai-Shogun & Date A Live II respectively).

###Dragonar Academy Light Novel Series Gets Anime
posted on 2013-07-27 23:35 EDT
Shiki Mizuchi’s fantasy academy story already inspired manga coming from Seven Seas

###Kōji Takahashi, Mariya Ise Star in Dragonar Academy TV Anime Series
posted on 2013-11-20 14:45 EST
Cast from earlier drama CD to reprise roles for 2014 romantic comedy series

Just this maybe.

Should be noted the Riddle is DVD only as well. I think the last title they published as a DVD only Dub was Red Data Girl

Binbo-gami ga! - Good Luck Girl - Complete Series - S.A.V.E. - Coming Soon

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Space Dandy’s Season 2 FUNimation Exclusive box includes the BD/DVD Combo Pack, 10 art cards, and an art book! The show follows a dandy guy in space who is a dreamy adventurer with a to-die-for pompadour traveling across the galaxy in search of aliens no one has ever laid eyes on.

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Fairy Tail Part 18

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Full Metal Panic! The Complete Series
Selector Infected WIXOSS Complete Series - LE
One Piece Season 7, Voyage 2

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Dragonar Academy - Complete Series - Blu-ray/DVD Combo - Coming Soon

Harmony: Theater Dispatch