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Funimation Blog: March 2019 Limited Edition Sets

December 15, 2018


The included extras with Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory LE makes it a little more tempting to go that route .


I might pick up Death March Later on just because I loved the OP / ED for this series, although the title was a bit mediocre in execution.

But Series, you really pick up shows for OP / ED even if they are Bad?

Not bad because I won’t touch Magical Warfare even if nano kicked ass on Born to Be (The ED)

I did pick up Hundred because of its OP, and I picked up Blade Dance of the Tsundere-mentalers for its ED


Does Hundred count as a bad show though? :wink:

I’m still a bit surprised that Funi released this one. It’s a show that toed some rare lines for the genre, like having some more complex villains and the rarer-than-hens’-teeth protagonist who was neither a total sadsack nor hilariously cocky.

Same here. Oddly enough that’d make it the only FMP property that I actually own.


It isn’t. It’s not a great show, but it was all right, same thing with Blade Dance. The Bad show I was referring to was Magical Warfare


I’m gonna start watching Magical Warfare. Just because of your post. :joy:



Just wanted to put this up. Both DITF and FMP are on sale on RightStuf


Should stay to the end of the week . I ordered Darling and Star Blazers when they went up then did FMPIV with Scrapped Princess essentials once I decided to get it .


BTW how much larger than a normal bluray case is the Franxx LE?


My guess would be about a similar size to one of Sentai’s regular sized PBS boxes :thinking:

Not too certain on that though :sweat:


I’m just not too sure where I’d put it if it doesn’t fit on my bluray-sized shelf. :thinking:


From what I’m seeing I’m thinking it’s going to be like those original NISA premium box sets in size .


I have a specific place on my tower for unusual sized PBS / LE’s it’ll go there


The wait is over! Download to Go debuts on FunimationNow for Android and iOS today!

December 20, 2018

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Speed Racer - Did You Know Anime? Feat. Jon Lobo

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Ga-Rei-Zero TV Anime Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Music & Talk Event

December 31, 2018 7:06am CST
Japanese Bluray box release also planned for adaptation of supernatural manga by Hajime Segawa


Funimation is revamping their Forums, This is the post on their forums covering what’s going on:

Forum Restructuring for 2019

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