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Could be a couple of things…?

  1. Papa Sony’s directive to put on a “see, we’re not a monopoly” face.
  2. Not enough “return on their investment” from the last 2-3 seasons.
  3. Sony might be going thru the “AT&T…we bit off more than we can chew.”

Or, like previously said up top…waiting at the last minute to “surprise”…no one.


I just thought of something, any of those titles Aniplex? If not, maybe those haven’t been finalized in time for the announcement.


If Funimation rereleased a DBZ bluray that, as an extra, had their “Rock the Dragon” edition in 4:3 HD, yep, I’d buy it again.

I hope not. Sure, I’m having too much fun watching the dubs of a lot of “trash taste” Netflix anime, like High Rise Invasion, but so much content on Netflix just gets lost in their landslide churn of new content.

Plus if Netflix looks like a real contender then our lax regulators are more likely to sign off on the Sony/Funi purchase of Crunchy, and then when Netflix’s staggering debt catches up with it then we will have an effective monopoly.


I’m hoping not to .
I like my disc and sadly except a select few . Netflix shows rarely get disc .


Funimation Summer 2021 Mix by Seimei

Seimei is an A&R and co-founder of the Japanese label “TREKKIE TRAX” which has been releasing mainly bass music such as Trap, Juke, Techno, House, and more.

  1. Hirokazu Tanaka - Prologue
  2. Ken Ishii - Rabbit Punch
  3. Kes - 1SNAP 1MINT
  4. Q-Hey - Twin Drum
  5. DJ Shufflemaster - Innervisions
  6. rira - Are You Ready (Carpainter Remix)
  7. Giant Tomo - Fly Beets
  8. Farbe - Enoshima Jane (Ryoh Mitomi Mix)
  9. Seimei - Kaleidoscope
  10. Takkyu Ishino - IN YER MEMORY

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$450 and only 300 being made and exclusive to one of the worse anime shops in NA, so will probably pass

Akira Jacket | Official Collector’s Edition Sizzle

just a note that it doesn’t have the capsule on the back, so how can they say it’s Kaneda’s if it doesn’t


I agree! Without the capsule, it isn’t an Akira jacket.

However, on the other side of things, if they did have the capsule, they might be accused of promoting drugs by those that don’t know any better. LOL


a simple google search, and I can find one WITH the capsule…AND cheaper.


Well that’s just dumb . Not like they’d have one that would fit me ,but without the capsule logo it’s certainly not the Jacket from the Akira movie that they are trying to tie it to .

In the Manga I don’t believe the jacket with the capsule ever actually appeared . So I guess this is more based off the manga then if my memory is correct .


What I find funny, is that a for-private-corporation, now owned by a bigger FPC, are selling a piece of clothing worn by someone who in the movie was all about vigilante protest.


How the Film Influenced Anime: The Seven Samurai vs. Samurai 7

Summer Season 2021 Mix by Funimation

New Worlds. New Adventures. | Dive In to Summer 2021 on Funimation

A Battle for Marriage | LINK CLICK

Funimation Streams The Detective Is Already Dead, Love Live! Superstar!! Anime

posted on 2021-07-03 21:37 EDT by Adriana Hazra

The Detective Is Already Dead premieres on July 4, Love Live! Superstar!! on July 11

Funimation @ AX Lite 2021: Industry Panel Recap

By Yali Perez July 3, 2021

Anime Expo Lite 2021 has begun, and you know we had to show up with the latest and greatest in anime that’s headed your way!

Taisho Otome Fairy Tale Anime Reveals New Promo Video, October Premiere, Funimation Stream

posted on 2021-07-04 19:39 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Spinoff manga launches on Shonen Jump+ service on July 23


Funimation is Coming to VIZIO SmartCast

Jul 7th 2021
It’s an Anime Explosion of Content as Funimation Is Coming to VIZIO SmartCast®