Greetings from Singapore

Hallo everynyan.

So let’s keep the intro straight to the point: 28, Chinese, Singaporean, love movies and anime, currently working to become a filmmaker someday.

Yay! :smiley:

Okay, a little more about the anime side of me. I’m currently watching Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Season, Tonari no Seki-kun and catching up with Gintama°’s Shogun-arc. Tsubasa Chronicle’s first season wasn’t as bad as everyone said, and even the 2nd season’s fillers were quite impressive… at first, but then the fillers started to get weaker after the Shara arc, so I’m not looking forward that much to watching the rest of those fillers after Lecourt.

But, I’ve been writing quite a lot of anime reviews lately, and I did write a review for the first season of Tsubasa and the crappy movie even, so I feel obligated to finish this season too - but only after I watch Tokyo Revelations first, because that comes directly after Lecourt. Man, this anime is exhausting.

Anyway, might post some of my reviews here in the future. Nice to see you all!


Welcome @OriusPrime

Wow, you’ve come a long way to be in our little community! How did you find us?

Have you always lived in Singapore?

It’s not often we get to communicate with someone across the sea.

Hope you find everything here all right, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Also, there are Rules & Posting tips right here.

Again, Welcome!

Slowhand - Moderator


A big welcome to you @OriusPrime!

Wow Singapore. That’s awesome. :grinning:

I hope you enjoy yourself in this community and I look forward to reading your anime reviews in the future.


I found this site while searching for anime forums a long time ago. I needed a new anime community to join, and there weren’t many options, so I’m here. :slight_smile:

And yes, I’ve always lived in Singapore. It’s a small country and not nearly as fancy as America, but I make do.

Many thanks to the two of ya! :slight_smile: And I look forward to posting them too!


Welcome to TAN forums @OriusPrime! We’re a smaller family, but it’s fairly quaint here :blush:.

I’d be interested in reading your anime reviews as well. It’s always fun to read different opinions on series, especially ones from the more popular IPs.

I hope you enjoy your stay here :smile:


Thanks. I feel that with any artform, there’s bound to be different opinions no matter the medium, be it movies, anime, or even video games to some extent. So yeah, it is nice. :slight_smile:


nǐhǎo oprime welcome to the tan forums and you joined the right forum if you like writing anime reviews im pretty sure that we have the new and popular shows that you might have seen

but like @maousadao said we dont have a huge active community here but we are a close family none the same
so you should fit right on in

and do you make videos with a camcorder or something on your free time just for practice for your film career


Thanks. Unfortunately, I don’t have much practice with a camcorder at the moment… because I couldn’t afford one yet. :stuck_out_tongue: But, in due time, in due time… lol

I also haven’t really seen many of the new anime, since most of the anime I watch are those that have been aired a while ago. Makes it easy to read other people’s reviews about whether they’re worth the watch or not, hah.


how long ago of anime shows you look at is it in and around 5 years or so


Sometimes, yeah, but I don’t really have a specific length I follow. It can be as long as the oldest anime ever produced, or it can be something as new as One Punch Man or Kino’s Journey 2017 remake. I don’t know. I’m fussy like that, so it depends on my mood. lol


Welcome home, @OriusPrime.

It’s a lot smaller world that it was, to an American Singapore isn’t as far away as it once was. It’s good to have you here. Hope you can find the time to enjoy the good company we have.

Mark Gosdin


Hah, that’s nice to hear. Singapore is becoming something of a significant business partner in the American trade, after all. It even appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean! LOL


Hey! Welcome!

Don’t mind me too much, I’m just the local red lover. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello there, welcome and nice to meet you.

I’m curious of what the anime market/fandom is like in Singapore. Is it popular? Are shows/manga easy to access or do they require some digging?

Also do you have a MAL or Animeplanet account?


Anime and manga are popular here, but accessing them is another story. AFAIK, I haven’t seen that many anime blu-rays being sold in Singapore aside from the mainstream stuff. The popular selections like Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, One Piece, and especially Naruto, those you can find quite easily in Singapore. If you want something more niched like Ghost in the Shell or Boogiepop Phantom, you’re out of luck.

Manga, on the other hand, are readily accessible for the most part. There’s a major bookstore chain in Singapore called Kinokunya that sells all kinds of manga, and I think there’s even a system that lets you order manga series they are not selling, but I’d need confirmation on that.

Here’s my MAL account. I update my lists daily:


@OriusPrime Ah I see, things aren’t too different than they are here in the US really. You’ve seen about twice the amount of shows I have, so it must be doing pretty well. Love how it’s a global phenomenon.


Welcome to you! It’s nice to meet you! :grinning:

I am enjoying your reviews. Keep up the good work!