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Hello all!


Welcome. You are lucky, you’re a boy so outlander won’t try to have his way with you.


PretearHimeno wrote:

Hmm, so I am lucky?? haha.


Iron K. Tager wrote:

[quote]Rei4Shinji87 wrote:

[quote]Funny story. The first time I went to an Anime Convention a few years ago I walked into where all the distributors/sellers where and had a Hideki (Chobits) moment. The amount of Hentai in this place was CRAZY!!! I kept trying to avert my eyes and focus on appropriate things but it was EVERYWHERE!!! I never knew the US market had such a large spot for Hentai until that day. haha.

Hope your doing well :)[/quote]

I hope you’re doing well too! :slight_smile:

I had a situation like that at my first Otakon, which was just last year ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), in which some of my most favorite release CDs were in a booth that consisted of troves amoung troves of yaoi manga and hentai hug pillows.[/quote]

LOLZ!!! You said hug pillow.

Anyway…Hello and welcome to our little anime wonderland. Hope you stick around and join in often.


Froggy wrote:

Reminds me of Slow and a box of Frazia for some reason.