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Hey, Greatings from HB


so i decided to make an account here for god knows what reason. after deciding it would be better to have one here just incase i decide to ever actually sub to AN for anything that is exclusive to the site. also since y’all went to discorse, my perfered forum software, (see, i though i could stand to deal with this forum. i am a regular on HB and will more than likely stay there but i may pop in every once in a while just to say high or bring over a game from HB.

Thanks for having me, i wonder if HB links work here.

that would be a no, but Mystertious Girfriend X is one of my favorite shows. Thanks Sentai for allowing me to own it on BD.


Hello, welcome to the forums.


Thank You. glad to be here.




Hello and welcome to the tuberous TAN boards!! :3

Even if you will not be spending too much time on here, I hope you have a great time posting around and making many friends!! :smile:


Welcome and cool name. :smile:


thank you all for welcoming me, will somewhat keep up with this forum though i do invite you all over to HummingBird