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How much is the anime network worth


it might have been worth more than facebook in the past

but dont know how much it is worth now that it doesnt have video content


I suspect it is still worth a fair amount of change. You’d have to ask some of the Green Eyeshade gang ( accountants ) to find out an exact net worth.

A lot of things were worth more in the past. AN existed back in the day when Google was a search engine that wasn’t as good a Altavista or Yahoo. Amazon was a online bookseller that wasn’t making any money. I remember those and a whole bunch more.

Mark Gosdin


Thats some interesting info didn’t know all that

What PC was you using when you searched on altavista and do you still have it

TAN might be worth more because of the name brand names carry weight to them and a big price tag


OMG Altavista search engine! That’s what they used in computer class in my elementary school! I typically used Ask Jeeves back in the day though, when I used the public computers in the library.


At work I had a Dell Dimension XPS Tower system like this:

At home I had several home-brew systems, with various Pentium or 486 processors. Our internet at work was via a 56K ISDN line, at home I had a retired IBM Model 77 Server with a 56K modem shared on dial-up. We had 10-Base 2 cable between the bedrooms and WIFI B to the Dining Room where my Wife’s PC was.

It was a long time ago indeed.

Mark Gosdin


Wow the old faithful dial up you had to use ear plugs before you got online

You had quite a few systems did you have one for each room or did you have the ultimate battlestation


At that time I was working with several VAR’s as well as my Day Job. The VAR’s gave me a steady assortment of retired PC’s & Servers. So, I had between 3 and 6 PC’s setup around my desk / workstation. Everyone else in the family had at least one machine that they could use.

I made good use of VGA switch boxes and remote control software.

It was those machines that I first outfitted with DVD drives and watched the Big O, Raxephon and some very early, very shaky, streaming.

Mark Gosdin


but did TAN exist in the days of Lycos search engine? :thinking:

i remember MangaCorps and ADV having websites as well 2 other importers.


@mgosdin might know the answer to that question i can only guess it didnt


Yes, they overlapped. Lycos started in 1995 & still exists, but not as a search portal since about 2004, TAN started in 2002. So they did & do exist at the same time.

Mark Gosdin