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How you and your parents see anime and anime fans?

My Parents were angry when they found out I’m watching anime, and just like what some of you guys have experienced, they shouted at me and said that anime is an extremely bad thing, it would only make me weird and lower my academic performances. But I don’t agree with and don’t understand my parents because I have learned lots of life lessons from different anime series, on the other hand, my grades didn’t get affected after I started watching anime.

So I want to know how you guys see anime and how your parents see anime and anime fans. Do your parent think anime is a good or bad? Do they think that anime fans are some weird people? How do you think your parents’ wrong viewpoints can be changed?


Hi there, @Mirinfanta! :grinning:

When I first got into watching anime, my mom was never aware of it. I wasn’t hiding it, but there was never an interest in caring. When I eventually began collecting in 2005, it still wasn’t a problem. Quite possibly one of the best interests I’ve enjoyed and she just rolls with it.

One thing I would find quite hilarious would be her reactions to fans doing cosplay.


Hullo thar, Miri! I’m in my thirties, so nobody says anything about what I watch :slight_smile: I never had an issue with my parents pondering over what I watched on the tube, if anything they were glad I was home versus out chasing other forms of entertainment… I say hurray for anime!!!

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My parents were never terribly concerned about what I watched, it kept me out of trouble … which given my older brother’s history was a good thing in their minds. I always enjoyed cartoons - which included early days Anime - but I also had a half dozen other interests. Comic books and Sci Fi paperbacks, Manga was 20+ years away in those days.

Then I became the parent, when my sons started watching Anime it was Dad that jumped aboard because of the good memories I had of it. Manga was a part of our family standard of, “There is always money for books.”

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