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How old are you guys


I am 22 years old
don’t you ever get this feeling your only adult around here or mad at the stereo types

i mean for stereo types my family members still think cartoons and anime are for kids how are they only for kids so then why does it have a rating system family teen mature and adult only



You are between my Oldest and Second sons in age. So you could say that at 54 I’m a bit on the “vintage” side.

As for Cartoons VS Anime, well it’s amazing how much 40+ years of watching Scooby Doo will warp perceptions. :silly:

Mark Gosdin


Those people who choose to reveal their age, will more often than not have their birthday displayed. It’s the little blue and red present on the left of the post. Hovering over that will show the person’s month day and year of birth. A little math and you can find out anyone’s age… If they’re willing to reveal it :wink:

I’m 21.

As for the cartoons thing… Who cares what people think, as long as you enjoy it, what difference does it make… and I mean that for all types of animation. Who cares if what I’m watching is for little kids, My Little Pony is an awesome show! :angry:


[quote=“romeocute” post=129253]I am 22 years old
don’t you ever get this feeling your only adult around here or mad at the stereo types[/quote]

Yes, I do. I mean, these kids just don’t know when to quit. Sometimes I think I’m the only…


Now, where was I? Oh yes… I remember, it was long ago… Probably before you were born, kid. I was watching that ani-may… only we didn’t call it ani-may, we just called it cartoons. Then they started calling it Japanimation, but that sounds silly, don’t you think? Sorry, I have to go now-I’m feeling tired and I’m going to go sit in my recliner and take a nap. Oh, by the way, I’m 59 for the next month and a half…


I’m 37, started watching anime around 1980. I can remember watching Battle of the Planets. It wasn’t till Starblazers that I knew the series was from Japan. We had a foreign exchange student from Japan in our class. My mom likes anime, just has problems with subtitles due to her eyesight.


Oh, my mother does the exact same thing that we are all discussing in one way or another. She just can’t seem to understand why a 24 year old guy would still like animation. She is just one of those types that grew out of that form of entertainment and likes things captured in the RL mostly now.

Of course, there was this one time that she took a gamble and rented on VOD Hayao Miyazaki’s Tales from Earthsea. I was surprised to see that it was in the saved programs and decided to ask her about it. She replied by saying that she knew it was animated by the description but did not like it due to the animation style.

Let me just say that it took a lot out of me to remain quite toward that remark. I guess she got spoiled by Disney in the past when it came to the American style of animation. Summing it up, some will never quite understand cartoon watchers & anime lovers and will always stick to their “set” tastes. That aside, I got to love her though… she is my mom after all… LOL.


My wife did, too, until she had cataract surgery on both eyes. Now her vision is 20-15! She only needs reading glasses.


[quote=“Newshawk” post=129287]

My wife did, too, until she had cataract surgery on both eyes. Now her vision is 20-15! She only needs reading glasses.[/quote]

My mom also had cataract surgery but still needs glasses, just has not had the money to get them yet since the surgery changed her prescription.


Why you young whippersnappers!, In my day we used to trek 20 miles in blizzards through the wilderness full of wild animals and hostile Indians so we could watch anime by candlelight. Danm you young n’s and your new-fangled DVD’s!


Now tell us all about how you used to walk to school.


I’m 59 and not only watch anime & read mangas, but write some of the stories, draw some of the animes, perform some of the music and voice work on-line and in Japan. I also write historical fiction but not much in the U.S. Have been doing this since 1968. I live in Japan half of the time. Anime in the U.S. is a joke compared to Asia where it is taken seriously & you can make a very good living doing it. Here it is treated as comic material and cartoons. It is a billion dollar+ business in Japan alone. I’ll just leave it at that…ja mata des ne.


Anything we might know?


Youth is forever, right? I’m ageless!!!


For some people, this is a rather difficult question…


I’m in my late Forties…


I’m 27. Been watching anime since 1999. I watch Pokemon, Scan2Go and Beyblade every Saturday on CN. Nobody judges my interests. You’re never too old to enjoy what you like.


i am 22 years old



You’ll have to repeat that, romeocute, my eyes didn’t hear you.


Here you go!

No need to thank me. :wink: