I Am Nathimus Prime!

Hello Fellow anime fans. I never joined anime network becuase i didn’t know it had forums or things like that. but now its the only anime website that isn’t blocked at my school and i found out all it has to offer, ive been a member for a few weeks but i havent really done any thing so now im introducing myself. Its good to be here and i hope we get along :laugh:

Hello and welcome to the taurine TAN boards!! :3 Better late than never, they always say. :stuck_out_tongue: Glad to see you join up for real this time. :cheer:

Well, if you feel so inclined, how about you tell us a little more about yourself? I see you like Angel Beats; what other anime do you like? ^-^

Anyway, I’m sure we will get along, and I hope you have fun posting around!! :lol:

hi prime and welcome. it’s good that your school hasn’t blocked the anime network. i do find it strange that they’d block an anime site. well i imagine there’s more to them than just anime.

i’m rather new here myself so i can’t really do much for you but wish you fun times and enjoy watching all the anime that is availible. just don’t let your school work suffer because of it.

ewwwww yuk…i think i just sounded like a parent.

Welcome. Post often

But remember…


The one on the left looks like he heard a loud noise.

Welcome to you! Glad to have you with us.

Welcome Nathimus Prime.

Have a good time in the Forums.