Ok I was previously known as Anime Holic…let me explain. I had a some trouble connecting with the facebook account I had, I kept getting that 404 page.
So I got really mad and deleted the account, yes I know it was stupid, sometimes my anger controls me.

So now I’m back with a new name. For the people who don’t know me I watch anime all the time. I don’t have a genre, I try to appreciate them all, though I really enjoy the harems. I prefer all my anime subtitled.

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Well, you never *really *left… so I’ll just say “hello” again!

Er… welcome! I see that you like Fruits Basket. That is most excellent.

Welcome back! I see you are a purist at heart when it comes to anime (subtitled vs dubbed)…you have scored points in my book for that :slight_smile: .

Love the new avatar! :slight_smile:

Vector2031 wrote:

For awhile I was watching dubbed anime, but after watching alot of subtitled anime it’s what like. Now I’m rewatching all the ones I’ve seen dubbed :laugh:

I’m definitely a dub kind of gal. I won’t push my radical beliefs on anyone though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back! That is a sweet avatar. Hope you jump right back into things!

Indeed Welcome Back. Linked sites can be very much a pain at times.

Anime-Angel wrote:

I know what you mean. There are quite a few I am trying to find the subtitled ones for. What is funny is I have picked up on just enough Japanese that I can catch a phrase or two now and then and compare it to the subtitles below…it still catches me off guard though :laugh:.

Welcome Back!

I also consume mass amounts of Anime. I have no preference over dub vs sub. Reading the words don’t bother me, and listening to English is certainly natural anyway.

(Besides, the voice actors these days are REALLY good)