Im back...but not here to stay

im sorry my fellow otaku but im leaving for a while. im sorry i hope you can forgive me. ive got to get ready for everything in my life such as high school and ROTC. ill try to come back see you later. im trying to join the army so right now im in ROTC its tough

Good Luck on your future.

Yo AG, I was wondering where you’d run off to. Best of luck on your future endeavors.

exactly… i was wondering if you droppd off the face of the earth.

anyway… hope all is well…


animegirl, I know I got annoyed at some of the things you did, but I wasn’t mad at you, just the things. That being said, anyone who aspires to serve in the Military is OK by me! Good luck in all you do…

but I have to say [size=5]“GO NAVY”!!![/size] :woohoo:

Well good luck. Be careful!

thnx guys im training right now but the uniforms in ROTC is freakin awesome kno what im sayin thanks for being supportive