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I'm here!


hmmmm…where to start? well i’ll start off by letting you all know that i don’t spell or grammer well. you’ll have to deal with that cuz i’m too old to change. being old also means i do things in an old school way at times so if you don’t get what i say that’s most likely why. i also tend to ramble on at times so if you don’t read all of what i say don’t worry i wont mind. now then…

i’m an easy going person who does things for the fun of it. that includes being sarcastic. so if you think i’m being mean i’m not. just being silly in a sarcastic sortta way. i’ll try to keep it to a minimum though.

i’ve bin watching anime for around ten years or so. came across my first anime by accident. looking for somethong to watch while getting ready for work. i knew this wasn’t your typical toon and started to follow it up and a whole new world opened up to me and i was hooked. i havn’t watched all that many though. just stuck what was availible on cartoon networks adult swim. i’m trying to change that now but i’m still restricted by time. i’m sure you know how real life can get in the way of what you want to do.

i like reading manga too. no specific genre but i do tend to lean towards syfy type. wich is a widw open genre. i like the same in anime also. comedy is fun too. also the more female characters the better. i know i’m a gump. i can’t help it.
i do a bit of gamming to. mostly fps but i like fight games and raceing games too. i don’t play as much as i used to. too lazy to go buy games. pretty sad huh?

anyway some of my favorite anime are…

inuyasha…it was the one i came across by accident making it my favorite for sentimental reasons.
ghost in the shell…just wow. not only a good storyline but it looks awesome.
cowboy bebop…loved the storyline but the way it came across was just so cool to me.
samuri shamploo…same as above.
there are more but these are one i’ll watch over again and again.

anyway i gueese that’s enough for now. want to know something more than by all means ask me. i got nothing to hide…except my gun.


Hello and welcome to the tramontane TAN boards!! :3 Nothing to hide, hmm? :stuck_out_tongue: Well, one thing I did wonder while reading was your age; I know you mentioned a job in there.

Well, I hope you have a great time on here posting around and making many new friends!! :slight_smile:


ok then there are two things i have to hide. my age being the second thing. i did say i was old though. afraid that’ll have to do.

i’m sure i’ll have fun here. if my brain doen’t melt down first.
so many anime and so little time.

i’ll be slow posting untill i get a feel for the place.
i’m sure it’ll be a fun time though.

thanks for the welcome tager. see ya on the inside.



What kind of gun!?

I mean…

Hello! Welcome to The Anime Network! Don’t worry about your age, there are plenty of old people here!


lol, hi outlander. thanks for noticing. i took a look and you’re right…i laughed.

thanks for the welcome hornet. i’m not worried about my age. well at least not while i’m here. bothers the hell out of me irl though.

oh yea my gun

magnum research .45acp dessert eagle 1911.



The process for getting a handgun permit in New York is really extensive, so I haven’t had any time to try and get one.


it’s that bad huh?
from the time i decided to purchase it to the time i walked out the door with it was about 15 minutes.
i gueese there is some benifit for liveing in ohio after all. now i need to get better sights for it. the ole eyes just aint what they used to be.


don’t mind me.i’m just trying to figure something out.

did it work

yea it worked.


Welcome to you! You are in good company here. Enjoy the site.


Welcome Welcome.


Hello there! Hope you like the place!