Is there a way to watch the japanese version of an anime instead of the english dubbed version through DirecTV VOD?

I hate watching English dubbed Anime and I would rather watch Anime in Japanese. But on VOD I mostly find a list of English dubbed versions of Anime. Is there a way to watch the Japanese version of an Anime through VOD even though only the English version is listed on the VOD guide? If that’s not possible, then at least does the Japanese version of an anime ever get broadcasted on VOD even though an English dubbed version of the Anime already exists?

For a lot of series, particularly series that were simulcast or ones that were extremely popular like Angel Beats, both the English and Japanese versions are run, though at different times. However, the viewings for the subtitled versions tend to be lower, so they are often run only once. Less popular series that have a dub will generally only have the English version run on VOD.

Many of the series run on TAN VOD do not have an English dub and are broadcast only in Japanese, like Letter Bee and A Channel.

So if an Anime with an English counterpart is brand new and is broadcasted on VOD for the first time, then would that be the once and only time that the Japanese version of it ever appears on VOD?

DangerDemon666 wrote:

It would really later depend on the popularity of the ‘newer’ series. If it becomes pretty popular, both versions of the series may be broadcasted on VOD 2-3 times. I have seen plenty of series, both subbed & dubbed, return to VOD for another run-through or two. Like I said, it really depends on the overall popularity of the anime series as a whole.

I can’t really give you an exact answer on how and when this is determined, and the only real way is to keep an eye on the VOD schedules to see if that series may be rerun. However, if the series makes the popularity cut, it will take a few months after the series’ first run-through completion before being reran on VOD again. I hope that this helps to clarify some of your questions, and I am sorry that there is no real surefire way of figuring this out better than that.

The Anime Network VOD Schedule List, All Providers:

It should be pointed out that Bodacious Space Pirates is subbed for TAN but the DVDs have an english dub.

The dubbed version will likely run later. This is the norm for series that are simulcast. The subbed version runs on VOD, followed later by the dubbed version (if one is produced.)

Assuming the sub gets on VoD before the dub is released.

Many series have been presented once in subtitled form, and then shown one or more times with an English dub. For instance the series shown on DirecTV include:

Blue Drop
Clannad After Story
Demon King Daimao
Dream Eater Merry
Ghost Hound
High School of the Dead
Infinite Stratos
Princess Resurrection
Mardock Scramble: The First Compression
Tears to Tiara
Towa no quon

What I would like to see VOD content presented in “DVD mode” instead of “VHS mode”.

  • Selectable audio track: Japanese or English.

  • Selectable subtitles: None, English, translated writing (to go with English dialog)