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My sketches


Excellent! Your lines are becoming cleaner. you are making good progress. I see you are experimenting with shading. I approve! Keep it up


Here is a note from "Cetriya"
sorry it took a while but here are the art notes you asked for:

It is so Cool! a video of her drawing your commission!!!


I love your Pleinair and Usagi! Fantastic! :slight_smile:


The latest sketch is great,especially Usagi. Are you studying art at school?


That latest one was some damn good work, Timber! Cute little bunny buddy :blink:


Thanks a lot, guys…! (tykes!) My replies in the spoiler. Seems this piece gained a lot of attention, tykes…

Inphy: THanks, tykes! I’ve taken into this style after my obsession with certain CLAMP titles, lol… I’ll have to check that manga out someday!

outlander: Thanks! I’ve also tried using a pen that’s about to dry up. It helps me in some corners that a full pen cant handle, in my opinion…

I caught the videos, too! Took me awhile to see them, due to the fact that I’m strapped of headphones at the moment. I dont normally color, but I guess I’ll have to consider it when I take class… >_>

LadyOfWicca: Thanks tykes! You’ve played Disgaea before, tykes?

Froggy: Thanks a lot! I am taking art at school. I aim to be an illustrator and character designer, maybe I’ll even go freelance… (tykes…)

fillet: Thanks, tykes! Seems like Usagi gets more love, lol. Strange, too, considering the fact that he was the simplest to draw, lol…[/spoiler]

Still looking for a scanner, tykes. I may not be able to show my latest works… -_-’’

I’m not sure if I showed this one, but here goes… (tykes…)

A potfolio work from AP Art, tykes.Nto really sure what I was aiming for, but… ya…

Theme song: ‘Metropolis’ from the Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage!/ Gateway to Glimmer Soundtrack


I haven’t seen this one before. I like it. You have a wonderful imagination! :slight_smile:

Yes, I have Disgaea: Hour of Darkness/PS2, but I haven’t played it in a very long time.


Thanks, tykes!

And, sorry for the late reply! I haven’t had comp access in a few days… ._.’’

Today’s my first day of class, but I’m in the middle of downtime right now… (tykes…)

Here’s a newer picture of Cinny. If you look at her older pic, there are some slight changes, tykes.

She looks kinda evil in this one, maybe something happened to her…? o_o

The monster next to her is a Cheery Wisp, or that’s what I’m calling it for now. I like the picture, but the right hand was an accidental fluke. I was so frustrated that I made the hand look even worse and left it as is… The pic’s not done, either, tykes…

Theme Song: Makubex, From the GetBackers OST. Normally, I dont choose a theme that’s directly for someone else, tykes, but this one suits it… (tykes…)


Nice! She does look a little darker here, but still happy. :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed how well you draw clothing. Do you spend a lot of time and effort on the clothes themselves?


Cheery Wisp, that’s cool! Maybe she’s having a bad day.


Thanks, again, guys! (tykes!)

slickwolfie- It depends on the character, really. For outfits like Timber and Allinie’s, I just make it simple. Outfits like the one Cinny wears I just have more fun with, since they’re outfits that I just come up with to better suit the character, tykes…

I’ve been playing a lot of Tactical RPG’s, one of my favorite gaming genres. With that, I came up with character classes in some sort of bunny-creature style… (tykes, tykes…)

I was bored when doing this, so its pretty much just a doodle, in my opinion, tykes…

Theme Song- “The End of this PAssionate Feeling”, from the Phantom Brave Soundtrack


These are better than my sketches. I have a really good one in a notebook but I can’t find it. It’s a really good drawing, though. Never seen a bunny holding a sword before lol. The shading is really good, too. The only thing is that, in the first picture, the hat doesn’t exactly look like it’s on his head.


That’s a helluva sword he’s got in the second though! And that helmet would make a good weapon, too. Nice work Timber.


Yeah I really like these drawing. His style really works for these pictures.


Timber is the growing talent here. He’s been drawing for quite a while, does some very interesting stuff.


Yeah I’ve heard. I’d like to see more of his artwork.


Thanks, tykes! I haven’t been on in awhile, sorry! No actual method of accessing a comp. However, I am allowed to borrow a laptop from the dorm, so I’ll see how far I can go with that, ya…?

fillet- Thanks a lot, tykes! The Helmet reminds me of Mario using a koopa shell in Super Mario RPG. I’d shy away from using this one, though…

YeminiLuigi (Almost fun to say, lol)- Thanks, tykes! I’d like to see your work (I’ll just check your thread, lol, tykes). Actually, I drew the hat so that it’d seem like it was sliding off the bunny-thing’s head…

This one may be a little graphic, but… (tykes…)

Here’s another portfolio work. I think I was in a mood with my teacher, and this one came out.

About the sword: Many people tell me that they wonder why the ‘blood’ on the sword is going opposite of that on the body. The ‘blood’ is actually a part of the sword, tykes…

I’ll call the bear ‘Flippy Grizzly’ for now, because of his face-palms… see what I did there…? :wink: (tykes…?)

Theme Song: Mischievous Blues from the Mother 3 Soundtrack


Your bunny “doodle” is pretty elaborate. I really like it. :slight_smile:

Your “Flippy” is interesting too. Face palms! :lol: Great work on both!


Yeah I realize I draw well when I’m in a certain mood. Next time I’m angry I’ll draw something lol.