Night lady

about me . who I am . things that i like . as you can likely tell by my user name that i like to stay up late and sleep in … I can be shy until i get to know someone … I hate the way almost all photos of myself turn out so i rarely have any taken . I tend to turn away from any camera aimed my way . if i must be in a group photo then can i hide out in the back PLEASE …i am short . basic brown hair . and i tend to wear it short most of the time . . hazel eyes . have to wear glasses . pale skin . Freckles - ( would so much rather be able to get a nice tan ) … average looks. … wear jeans much more often the dresses … i think that make up is only for if you need to dress up . when your fave time of year is summer-and- you like it for time spent in parks and pools what would be the point of day to day make up any way … like to ride 10 speed bike- but - just for fun no races for me … like a guy who looks good in jeans .if you can also rock the leather jacket look that is great . jean jackets can also work out nicely . i think that a dress up suit - when you have to wear one - looks better with out the tie - leave the top button undone . if you have ever watched the tv show burn notice then you have seen what i am talking about … a night owl type . and yet i still love sunny days . part cynical . part daydreamer . yes i can cry over sappy songs and movies . yes i some times watch the so called chick flicks . and yet if it has a good story to it action and science fiction stories also have their time and place . while i do not like every story ever done about them i do adore many vampire movies,tv shows, and novels . to a smaller degree i have enjoy some shape shifter / were animal tales . love flowers . while a rose is lovely a daisy or tulip is just as pretty. if you want to know any other things about me just ask .

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:blink: Well then, welcome to The Anime Network! That’s quite an introduction you’ve got there. You’ll find that the people here are mostly nice. Don’t listen to what anyone else tells you, they’re all lying! This place is completely safe. :whistle:

However… I don’t see any mention of Anime in this introduction. :angry: What kind of anime do you like?

If you like vampires as much as you say, you should check out Hellsing if you haven’t.

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since you asked - anime - Rosario + Vampire - Princess Resurrection - To Love-Ru - inuyasha - Maria Holic - a little bit of bleach - blood the last vampire - blood + - trinity blood - full metal alchemist - full metal panic - full metal panic FUMOFFU - a little snow fairy sugar - desert punk - black lagoon - elfin lied - UFO ultra maiden valkyrie - hell girl - death note - among others

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Hello and welcome to the turbo TAN boards!! :3 (It works. |3)

That was quite a long opening, but I encourage that. :slight_smile: Helps us know you better (that’s a good thing :P). One thing is the love for vampires, as I have two shows you may have considered (or I hope you consider) are Karin and Moon Phase.

Anyway, I hope you have an awesome time on here posting around and making many new friends!! :cheer:

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Welcome to you! It’s always nice to meet new members. Please enjoy!

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Whatever Wicca, you just like her because she has “lady” in her name too. :wink:


Welcome Night to a world full of people that loves to play around and be friendly everyday

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i think that Karin and Moon Phase are in my netfliks list . i have so much stuff between DVD and streaming that i would have to go in and look to be 100 % sure . also i think that the anime karin is based on the manga chibi vampire i am reading that .

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Welcome. Here is your complimentary sandwich

Post often

I’m pretty much a lady in training myself.