No dubs policy

I know what you mean the backlogs around 20 series now. I do think that if your go with the cable company there are 2? new dub series now so I almost feel like this is the wrong category for the streaming side of the site. either way you look at it it be nice if they give us “some” information. But yeah… I’m pretty sure most people would agree they would rather have new series afew months after the dvd/blu-ray release then nothing at all.

I mean seriously who wants to pay $85 (that’s well over 1 year streaming service) for Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Collector’s box set when there’s only 13 episodes!?!!!? but that’s a completely other subject altogether.

so does this mean we get no new dubs or no one knows anything yet?

im tired of paying for this and haven’t seen a dubbed show in almost a year?!

The big problem for me here is trust. if they’d announced that the VOD policy regarding dubs had changed I could understand. But for them to tamper with the nature of the product we’re paying for without saying so is not cool. They may well end up driving me off VOD to a direct subscription, if that’s their intention, but it will likely be to a different site.

Hi everyone,
First off thank you all for your continued support of Anime Network. We strive to provide you all with the best quality content possible and appreciate the feedback you give us. Part of doing so includes us actively continuing to schedule English dubs with our various partners. Please know we are endeavoring to place this content on VOD whenever possible and hope to get new English dubs up soon.


That’s nice for VOD, but what about streaming here on the site?

We’ve got new schedule announcements coming later this week. Keep your :eyes: & :ear: open!


thanks sam. been wondering what was going on with the dubs. i know this may be a long shot, but since eventually VoD and ANO are going to get new dubs, any chance the Anime Network Hulu channel could get some too? just throwing that out there.

Hey Guys!
Check out our latest announcement:


I’m happy to hear that we’re finally getting new dubs! I’m especially looking forward to Sunday Without God and hearing how the dub sounds. :smile:


Well… its a good start, it looks like all the anime that is currently being added came out on Blu ray/dvd 6 months ago.

ok well i looked at the link and i am guessing those dubbed releases are for ANO only? just making sure i read the link correctly. if this is the case, when do the VoD people get dubs?

[quote=“Animefan34, post:33, topic:7893, full:true”]
ok well i looked at the link and i am guessing those dubbed releases are for ANO only? just making sure i read the link correctly. if this is the case, when do the VoD people get dubs?[/quote]
You read it correctly, the dubs are for ANO only.

Haven’t gotten any word about VOD yet. Stay tuned.

ok thanks Slow i can always count on you for info.

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Just had a look at the May schedule: no dubs. I’m drawing the inevitable conclusion that dubs are permanently out for VOD.

Which begs the question: why subscribe when the same content is available to guests?

i really hope your wrong about the no dubs on VoD anymore thing Trurl, my big beef with this is the fact that no one can give a straight answer to this question not Spazzysam, or any of the other mods. all i am asking for is will we ever see dubs on VoD again?

I think the answer to that is above the pay grade of anyone here. But I doubt that dubs are gone forever from VOD–when dubs will come back is the big question, IMO.

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I don’t know what other conclusion to draw. We’ve been wondering when a single dub would appear, and meanwhile month after month has gone by. If the assumption was false, then it would be easy for TAN to deny it without even necessarily giving a firm date for the resumption of dubs. Instead they’ve been eloquent in their silence: “dubs are finished for VOD”.

The only real conclusion to draw is that something happened to cause dubs to disappear for VOD. But given that dubs are still being made (a number of shows shown in recent months have dub casts listed in their credits), the likelihood that they won’t ever be shown on VOD is slim. Sentai licensed a ton of shows the past year and slammed them all into TAN very quickly, so it could just be a case of showing the subs first and then those with dubs later. The problem might be that TAN has too many new shows on the schedule, so it could take awhile to get to the dubs. Complicating the issue might be whatever licensing (legal) agreements Sentai could have with the original Japanese companies regarding the broadcast/streaming rights of their shows, and that is something that isn’t often publicly disclosed.

Slowhand and spazzysam have been very forthcoming with both the information they have and the information they don’t have, so I wouldn’t blame them for stuff they haven’t been told themselves.


The last dub on VOD was shown last fall. We’re approaching mid May here, and the point where I stop believing new dubs are coming has pretty much passed. I don’t blame the ops here at all, just informing whoever it may concern that the situation is definitely a problem for me.