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Omegaweopon Dies Hard 4: Back With a Bookmark


Hiya, shak got me to come back, and I think I’ll actually stick around an cause havok this time. I never did make a into thread on the new forums so I figured I may as well.

Instead of telling you reasons why you should like me, I decided to list the reasons you shouldn’t like me. If any of these bug you, then we probably aren’t going to get along.


Have a nice day :wink:


-gets the wooden stakes out, and prepares himself-


What? No. Get out of here OW.


Welcome back, Omegaweopon!!


Dawwww Rai doesn’t want me here? But, I thought you loved me rai, I thought we had something. We coulda been something together! I coulda been a contenda.

Autolink is dumb mmmmkay.



Welcome back, Omegaweapon! (tykes!)

A bookmark, tykes?


Timber wrote:

[quote]Welcome back, Omegawe***o***pon! (tykes!)

A bookmark, tykes?[/quote]

By that I mean I actually bookmarked TAN again. Meaning I’ll know it’s there.


Google Chrome’d:


Hah! Even put the taskbar up on the top of the screen like every other OS eh?


Where else does it go? Certainly not the bottom. Though I miss a seperate settings and application and help menu…


Reminds me of Safari 4 :S


Welcome back.

Now we need fms to return and the three fags will be reunited.


Maybe he’ll come in time for December 25th and we can call you the three wise @$$es…


Hey omegaweapon… I remember you I am also coming back(for good this time) have fun… =]


We haven’t met yet. But welcome back!! :slight_smile: