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Post About Your Day in a Haiku


Oh curse you floor lamp
Just about tore my skin off
Twisting in a piece


Good morning to you!
Fabulous day off from work
Travelling to come…


got out today
wasnt all that hot
but summer is coming


Fire up the grill
Burgers and fries for dinner
My belly is full


why bar b q
theres a mickey ds
mmmm im lovin it


Why Eat McDonalds?
The Stuff they serve is processed
Eat only good Food


dont eat mcdonalds
i eat at bk everyday
need healthier stuff

S5R mod Edit: Good job

edit here let me change that


Sadly is my job
Employee meals here are free
Bills have precedence


Watching old Westerns
Bad guys wear black, good guys white
Ah, the good old days


good day for a drive
now where to drive to
end up back at house


The winds are wild
Making a mess thar she blows :wind_face: :wind_chime:
More work for myself


Scheduled off
Watching anime, phone rings
I’m working tonight :tired_face:


tell them F off
return to watching anime
was a good day


Day is almost done
So much left to do, but yet…


So much work to do
Marathon in the hot sun
Check it off the list


Not a workaholix
So much work needs to be done
Like fillet no days off


One more day is down
Almost done with the new one
And yet more to come


What’s for dinner quest
Chicken patties tasty rice
I figured it out


weekend about to end
what to do now that its done
work and more work


Bitterness today
Subbing certainly does suck
Phone calls will be made…