Post About Your Day in a Haiku


Shredding the papers
Into the box we go yo
Filling the trash bags


Another day down…
Exhausted but there is still
The delivery



Call from mechanic.
Trucks engine jumped time, it’s bad.
Not a cheap repair.


my day went like this
felt like partyin in the mornin
had a ball in evenin


E3 is over
The money is here at last
Time to get some games


Everything is sore
Can not remember vacation
The work continues…


heres another good Friday
lookin for fun things to do
hope everyone is well


Saturday, oh yea!
Extra day off, woo hoo!
What to do with self???


A day so gloomy
The sun departs for the day
I’m in anyway


a weekday just right
good days to come hopefully
and the nights as well


Strawberry shortcake
Sweetness to top off the night
More of that good stuff


had lil debbie cake
not that sweet as your snowy
but might buy cheescake


Heat wave is coming
Enjoy the outside beware
Don’t stay out too long


And to my delight
They have Cartoon Network here!!!
Anime Night, yea!!!


good afternoon so far
got some extra money for today
goin shoppin tomorrow


A sleep disruptor
A bowl of soup for this day
Sore throat go away


Off to work again
My, how the days seem to fly!
A day of rest soon…


Rain rain go away :umbrella:
I would say but you’re needed
Thunder lightning no


Chores around the house.
Overnight shift once again
My daily routine


Insomnia now
Have to work at eleven.
I just want to sleep