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Post About Your Day in a Haiku


A new path to take
A walk to maintain good health
Not too hot at least


Double shift over
Forty hours to relax
Time for anime


Work all the day long
Glad to be done with workin now
Just want to relax


Scrapple at my home
It may look disgusting but
It’s a tasty meal


I sit in a chair
A spider crawls over me
I run in terror


Cleaning up the yard
A sudden dead battery
Progress takes a break


It’s Monday already
The most funnest day of them all
Lots of madness


The taste of autumn
Apple pie apple cider
Satisfied with that


Another day down
What mysteries tomorrow?
Can not wait to see!!


good morning to u all
have a great and amazing day
have a better morrow


Vacation to come!
Only four more days to go!
Happiness is nigh!


VRV update
Soon no more Funimation
Time to marathon


Dealing with the leaves
Fighting a losing battle
Wind snow power through


day is almost done
and got a lot done today
what else needs done