Song Dedication Thread

Hey! You didn’t go through the proper channels! :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:

PretearHimeno wrote:

Opps, Sorry. My bad

We’ll let it slide furball. And the song is very Slow appropriate. :slight_smile:

To: Shankajew or “Shak”

Message: “Hahahahahahaha!”

From: Hippie #1

To: Lovers Everywhere!

From: Froggy

To: Hentai

From: PretearHimeno

:laugh: Good stuff.

its a fuc KING catlina wine mixer


To: Slowhand
From: Roy

This song says it all honey!

To: PretearHimeno
From: Eric

What do you say Pretear? You, me, and a four pack of Tru Blood…

To: sbitzer
From: A Secret Admirer

To: Lady of Wicca

From: A Friend


To; My Toxic Honey, Shankajew

From: You Know Who

To: Lady of Wicca & Sesshomaru

To: Redshirt & His Special Lady

Message: Happy Valentine’s Day!

To: Dragoon

Message: You still owe me that dance babe

From: Anonymous

To: Everyone

Message: Because I can!

From: Hornet65

Thanks for the dedication! The title suits me! Whoever you are, you deserve a nice big Valentine’s Day hug from me! :wink:

To: Pretear

Message: The Dating Service thread was a lotta work and she did a great job!

From: AnimeJessica