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Star Trek Discovery: The Best Easter Eggs In Season 1!


Because they are using it as one of the titles to launch their streaming service. Television ratings are plummeting and they need to have a revenue stream outside of regular TV. Also, CBS streams very few shows on Hulu anyway. The two National Amusements held companies are the only major media companies without an ownership stake in it. There is also the fact that Hulu is losing tons of money.

Streaming Hulu may cut a few of the complaints about it streaming, but I doubt it would help that much. If you look the complaints online, the vast majority are people who are pissed that it’s not on “free TV” anymore. Of course, many like me had to pay for cable to watch the other Trek series, so its never been free to many of us.

It has been fun watching most of the negative posters on Facebook change their tune as the first season went along. Some of the biggest complainers Online did a complete turn around after the first few episodes, and the negative comments have largely died down (except for the Klingon designs.)

Discovery had the strongest first season of any Star Trek series, as well as any sci-fi series in the last few years. And since Star Wars was brought up, it’s far superior than their recent movies. However, being better than the recent Star Wars movies and the first season of other Trek series are both fairly low bars to jump. But I really enjoyed it and it was easily worth the $5 a month to watch it.


I don’t like the idea of having a a “zillion” streaming services-streaming services need scads of solid content to be worthwhile IMO-so I’m not keen on voting with my dollar for it by subscribing to CBS All Access.

Since I’d only be doing so for one show, at $5 a month I could conceivably just bank that Lincoln every month and have enough to just buy STD on bluray, assuming CBS releases one.

STD having the strongest opening season though? I can’t identify with that as I found the openings of DS9 and Voyager to be more engaging.

STD was kinda hyped as being “Not Your Father’s Star Trek”. But I liked my father’s Star Trek :wink:


You are literally the only person I’ve ever seen that said the first season of Voyager was “engaging”. Usually, most fans rank it as just slightly better than TNG’s first season (which had episodes that were almost unwatchable.). I actually liked Voyager, so I’m always surprised by how many vehemently hate it. But then again I’m just old enough to remember TNG being referred to as “not-Trek”, even during its final seasons. And I still see people claiming that DS9 was not a true Trek series.

I have no issues with saving money over cable. I’d rather pay $5 for a streaming service than four times that for cable. And with TV channels dying, multiple streaming services are what we are heading too. Back when people were clamoring for ala carte TV, people like me always tried to explain that it would be complicated and expensive ($5+ Per channel per month.). At least with the streaming services, there are no contracts, you can upgrade to ditch commercials, and it’s easy to get rid of the service when your show ends.

And for the record, my Dad didn’t really watch Trek, but my mom grew up with TOS. She actually loves Discovery. Honestly, I’ve actually found very few fans who have watched the entire first season and didn’t love it (and could see how easily it ties in their “father’s Star Trek.”). The way Discovery handles the ending of the war is far more in keeping with Federation principles than what happened in Deep Space Nine.


My thoughts on season one.

I really enjoyed Discovery, even from the first somewhat uneven two part episode. It wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely a huge improvement over Encounter at Farpoint And was at least on par with Emissary, though I would mark it a couple points higher based mainly on stronger performances from the cast.

The show continued to improve throughout the majority of its run. The Mirror Universe episodes were among the most well made in the entire Trek universe, and featured some truly awe inspiring performances. Unfortunately, the discovery that Lorca was in fact from the alternate universe wasn’t exactly surprising. Nor was the revelation that Tyler was a genetically and surgically modified Voq.

The same can be said for Empress Georgiou. However, Michelle Yeoh’s performance as the evil Terran ruler more than made up for the lack of surprise. She ranks near the very top of Star Trek villains.

Sadly, the series finale didn’t keep the upward trajectory of the prior episodes. Ironically, it was largely due to the fact that the finale abandoned the moral ambiguity and darkness that defined the previous episodes, and fully embraced the moral absolution that defined TNG and Voyager. Unfortunately, this caused the series finale to be a bit hackneyed and unbelievable. That was offset by a pretty decent speech by Burnham towards the end of episode and the appearance of a largely unaltered Enterprise.

So while the finale was probably the weakest link in season one, it was largely due to following the TNG model a little too closely and not daring to do anything different. It was a case of trying a little too hard to make the show more like what people traditionally expect from Star Trek, which causes the end of the war to be a total copout (and not a very believable one at that.). It was at least well acted, polished, and good looking. It was also memorable, which is far morw than I can say for the season one finales of many of the other spin offs. Does anyone actually remember the season one finales of TNG or Voyager?

So while it wasn’t perfect, it was more than worth the $1.25 an episode I paid to watch it. It was really the only fall series I was excited to keep watching, especially after the complete crash and burn of the Orville. I’m really looking forward to season two. Hopefully they will be willing to take some risks, and not fall into trap of trying to be too much like the Trek series before it (which really dragged down the season finale.)


That was one of my biggest stumbling blocks with STD. Maybe if I’d started watching STD with the fan suggestions in mind that it did not take place in the TOS->VOY timeline then my inner Trekkie wouldn’t have been so “triggered” :wink:

…I’m not so sure that DS9 really stepped out of line in regards to Federation principles. Picard was more of a gentleman about it, but both he & The Sisko (and “Cowboy” Kirk) were more than willing to take the gloves off and bend the rules for the Federation when push came to shove.

The notion of a scrappy rag-tag crew’s epic voyage back home, through genuine “terra incognita”, sans United Federation of Planets support, was an interest-piquer.

That premise also captured some of the romanticism of the adventure of independent command that Picard, in the midst of a holodeck simulation of an Age of Sail vessel, lamented was impossible in his century due to technological advances (in Generations).

Season 1 also had the prospect of delving into the Maquis as well as giving us the interplay of the Federation and Maquis crews being forced to integrate.

When Voyager started we’d seen from TNG & DS9 that the Maquis were interesting, morally ambiguous “heroes”, for want of a better term, not entirely dissimilar to the Klingons of STD. We also saw that several of them served as effective dramatic foils for members of the Federation crew, setting the stage for some interesting crew dynamics, on par with DS9.

Voyager also had The Doctor, a character whom I found to be intriguing as he was an interesting twist on a hybrid of some of the best aspects of Data and Odo.

Which is probably what I would do were I to subscribe, the “tactical binge”. I wonder how CBS, used to a constant revenue stream, will adapt to people who just subscribe for one month a year or so. I’m not sure how widespread a phenomenon it is, but FWIW I’ve heard that’s “a thing” already among Netflix subscribers.


I’m sure CBS has already planned for such cancellations in the revenue models. HBO and Showtime have been dealing with this for years, and the latter is owned by CBS. It’s well known that HBO subscriptions peak when GoT premiers, and Showtimes does the same when Shameless starts each season.

Plus, they have more originals in the works to help cut down on the churn rate. I’ve also heard that if you subscribe through their site, they are pretty generous with free months when you attempt to cancel. A lot of people got three months free when they attempted to cancel during Disco’s mid season break.


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