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That’s the problem, I was watching Nascar with my wife and saw an Orville ad which she was very curious about. It looks in some ways more like Star Trek than the series that has Star Trek in it’s title.

Mark Gosdin


I coincidentally saw episode 7 of Orville, an episode that you may have heard about as it got some buzz because it depicted a society that operated under a true democracy, where people literally lived and died by social media-fueled public opinion.

In a sense, Star Trek IV with a dash of Insurrection. It still seemed like uber-trekkie Seth MacFarlane wrote himself into a Trek fanfic, with his brand of humor, but it somehow drew me in more than I expected.

Weirdly, Orville was the show pushing for Trek-ish peaceful resolutions while STD was “All Guns Blazing, Kill 'Em All!”, and while The Sisko kinda fits that bill too, IMO STD was more of the Johnny Rico style.


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Tarantino Trek: dropping the “F-bomb” every 4th word or so? Quite a difference from the days of Picard quoting Shakespeare. :confused:

When Trek has “gone dark” in the past, I’ve liked some of it, but I’m not sure that “Wagon Train in Space” can jibe with “Hateful 8”.

…speaking of which, I thought Tarantino was in hiding after tricking Kurt Russell into smashing a priceless guitar while filming that? :wink:


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I’ve taken a break from Facebook, and all the nastiness around Discovery is a big part of the reason. Why I kept finding amusing is that the loudest complainers would openly admit that they hadn’t watched the show. If you don’t like a show, that’s fine, but I actually had to report someone to Facebook for threatening me. I totally get all the articles about “toxic fandom” now, even the negativity has really been dying down with the last couple of episodes.

It actually reminded me a lot of what I heard when TNG was nearing its end, and DS9 was beginning to air. Not only did I still hear that “TNG’s not Trek”, but that “DS9 isn’t Trek” either, of course with also the added racist lines which came from living in a very rural area. :sleepy:

Anyway, the Mirror universe episodes have been excellent. Even my boyfriend, who’s not normally a Trek fan, got pulled into the last one by Michael’s opening dialogue in it. The shout outs to Scotty and evil Tilly were pretty awesome.

The surprise death definitely caught me off guard, but it’s the first time I can remember Star Trek actually making me gasp. Discovery may be different than the other State Trek series, except maybe DS9, but at least it’s trying something new. I think Star Trek burned itself in the 90’s but just doing the same thing over and over and over again. I love those shows, but if I want to watch the same story, why not just watch the reruns?

There are valid criticisms of Discovery, but it’s mostly avoided always taking the safe “good guy” route, as the TNG era shows generally did. I like that it’s willing to explore the grey and morally ambigous areas a bit more. It often avoids the “absolute right and wrong” messages found in TNG, and doesn’t brow beat you with its political messages like the 90’s era shows did.



IMO I’d rather see mirror universe episodes replaced with quirky-but-traditional episodes.

As an example, in Voyager there is an “historical revisionism” episode (S04E23: “Living Witness”) where the Doctor, awakening in a strange museum, discovers that a people that the USS Voyager had encountered 700 years before have, for political reasons, painted Janeway as having been “Space Stalin”. This let us see a “mirror” Janeway while staying in the real universe.

That said, I’ve seen the fan theory that STD is set in the Mirror Universe, serving to explain/excuse its continuity issues and break from Trek traditions, so if something set in the Mirror Universe has a Mirror Universe episode, what does that entail? :smiley:


I’m fine with either way. These are definitely better than the DS9 mirror episodes at least.

Also, I actually love that episode of Voyager. However, it was one of many in the series that felt like it ended rather abruptly (much like the series finale.)


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Hmm, while the fan consensus is that there was only ~1 good DS9 Mirror Universe episode, maybe I shouldn’t have skipped 'em on my recentish DS9 rewatch. IMO DS9 didn’t really need MU though as the characters were already “morally ambiguous” enough that they didn’t really need to get inverted.

I’m still not sold on the Mirror Universe as a concept though, it definitely sucks to encounter them when watching the show live as all of the sudden you’re yanked out of the story you were into and thrust into another, they’re kinda like anime filler episodes.

…Thanks in no small part to CBS pulling an Amazon and “memory hole-ing” their own show, to me it still doesn’t seem canon at all, which is why I have hope that it’ll be written off as an “Quantum Reality” (aka the Jar Jar 'Verse) saga.


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I’m all for the streaming companies releasing their stuff on bluray (AFAIK it’d the only way to see their stuff in true 4K HDR), but TBH won’t break my heart if STD should stay stuck in its online niche.


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Why don’t they just put it on Hulu? That’s how I saw all of The Orville that I have watched to date. Is hiding it behind their paywall (irony?) really getting them more money than putting it on Hulu would?

STD might be the second-most panned “big” SciFi property of 2017 (after SW8:TLJ), so it might behoove CBS to get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible, so that people who might actually like it but were dissuaded by the criticism + paywall combo could more easily judge it for themselves?